Baking A Christmas Cookie Recipe With Three Ingredients!

Baking A Christmas Cookie Recipe With Three Ingredients!

Baking A Christmas Cookie Recipe that is easy and fun to make

Well, it’s really not a Christmas Cookie Recipe but more like a Christmas Treat Recipe!  I love to make Christmas cookies and treats.  This recipe is a fun & easy one that I made this past weekend with some help from my Mom.

A Salty Sweet that is a Super Treat!

I don’t know why I like salt with chocolate but it is super good. Pretzels & chocolate are so good together because there is just enough salt & sweet together in this bite sized treat recipe.  I can’t wait to make some more; check back at other holidays for more fun ways to make this recipe. For one thing, I think adding caramel might just make this an even more delish recipe!

Just Three Simple Ingredients

Mini Pretzels

Your favorite Melting Chocolate – we used Nestle Toll House Semi-Sweet Chocolate in our recipe

M&M Chocolate Candies – Green & Red

Christmas Cookie Treat Recipe Ingredients


My Mom has taught me to first gather the tools that I will need to use before I actually start cooking.  That way your treat recipe process won’t be interrupted.  We used the following tools.

Double Boiler, Cookie Sheet, Waxed or Parchment Paper or Foil, Bowls, Baggies or Pastry Bag (the thick freezer baggies work best because the chocolate is warm)

SAFETY FIRST:  A double boiler is necessary in order to melt the chocolate and you should always ask your parents for help if you are going to use the stove or oven.  Be careful because the chocolate is kind of hot but it does cool fast.


Pour the M&M’s & Pretzels into bowls to have them easy to grab.

Christmas Cookie Treat Recipe with M&M's

Line the cookie sheet with waxed or parchment paper or foil.

Lay flat as many mini pretzels on the cookie sheet as you can.

Christmas Cookie Treat Recipe

Now you are ready to melt the chocolate. Fill the bottom of your double boiler with water.  Then, pour your melting chocolate into the top part of the double boiler. Turn on the burner.  This will heat the water and at the same time it will melt the chocolate. You can use a regular pan but be very careful not to burn the chocolate.

Melting chocolate for a christmas cookie recipe

 Stir the chocolate to help it melt evenly.

Christmas Cookie Treat Recipe

Have a parent help you to put chocolate into a pastry bag or baggie because it is hot.   Then, cut a very small corner off of the bag.  Make it super small at first because you can easily cut more off.  I used a paper towel around the baggie when the chocolate still a little hot for my hands.

Squeeze a dollop of chocolate onto each pretzel. You don’t have to go very fast because it will not harden very quickly.

Christmas Cookie Treat Recipe

Place two M&M’s onto the dollop of chocolate.

Christmas Cookie Treat Recipe

Place the cookie sheet in the refrigerator to cool & harden the chocolate. Really, five – 10 minutes will do.

Now you are ready to share & enjoy your super easy, super delish salty & sweet treat recipe!

Christmas cookie treat recipe

What would you do to make this recipe different?

This recipe is super great because you can easily change out the colors of the M&M’s for any holiday or event.  For instance, you can bag these little treats for Halloween and use orange and black M&M’s.  Or, make them for your friends at school and use school colors.  There are so many different ideas that can come of this little three ingredient recipe. Make some and share your ideas with us!

A fun and edible Christmas Gift Tag

I think this would make a perfect fun & edible gift tag! I think your girlfriends will enjoy receiving an extra little something on the outside of their gift.  Make sure though that you don’t put that Christmas gift underneath your Christmas tree if you have an inside dog.  Their sniffers work really well, even through plastic!

Send us your Christmas cookie & treat recipes and we’ll try to make them and showcase your recipe on KindredLive! 


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6 Responses to Baking A Christmas Cookie Recipe With Three Ingredients!

  1. Latisha says:

    I LOVE this candy!! It is soo good!!

    • kindredlive says:

      We love it too! We have been eating it all Christmas season. We made it with the chocolate kisses instead of chocolate chips too and that was good too. I like it that you can make these for any event just by changing the colors of the m and ms. Thanks for visiting and leaving us a comment!

      • Latisha says:

        How did you guys make this website?

        • kindredlive says:

          Well, we made it with a lot of help from our moms’, I will tell you that! It all actually started last spring. My mom has her own blog and Megan and I thought it would be fun. We felt like we had a lot of stuff we could share with other girls our age and their moms. So, we decided on the name KindredLive.com and went to Godaddy.com to purchase the domain name. Our moms set up the site using wordpress and a hosting company and Wahlah! Kindredlive.com arrived in the world. We didn’t actually put the site live until this past fall and so we are just getting started. We are doing a lot of writing and our moms do a lot of editing, rewriting and sometimes they write for us when we need extra help because of our busy schedule. I hope you enjoy the site, we are having a total blast with it!

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