A Gratitude Journal DIY Project – God’s idea of a perfect Christmas Gift!

A Gratitude Journal DIY Project – God’s idea of a perfect Christmas Gift!

What is a Gratitude Journal?

gratitude journal is kind of like a diary but not really secret like a diary.  A Gratitude Journal is a place to write down, hopefully each day, one or many things that we are grateful for on that day.  It is a place to focus on positive things instead of negative things. If you had a hard day and can’t think of something positive, well, you can spin something negative into something positive, for instance, “I am grateful to have a brother in my life to argue with”. How’s that for something positive!

DIY Gratitude Journal

God Loves Us and wants us to be Grateful

I am learning in Church from our Pastor that God wants us to be grateful in both good and bad times.  Being grateful helps us to appreciate what we have been given.  When we make it a point to focus on the wonderful things we have been given, we appreciate life more. When things are tough its even more important to be grateful.  Being grateful when things are difficult requires us to have faith that God has a plan for us that we cannot see. 

Paul says, “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Make a Gratitude Journal Christmas Gift Yourself

Here is what you will need in order to personalize your Journal….A blank journal, Stickers or Permanent Markers, Scissors & a Ruler. Why is my IPOD in the photo too?  Well, I enjoy listening to music when I am making crafts.  What music to you like?  We have some tunes on this site and you just have to click on IPOD like photo!

Items needed for your Do it yourself Gratitude Journal

Here we go!  I think the photos really show you how to make the Journal so if you have any questions please let me know by making a comment below.

How to make Gratitude Journals

this is what I am writing in my Gratitude journal today….

Today God has given me the opportunity to do five “round offs” without messing up.  I am taking an acrobatic class and I haven’t been able to do that yet and that is why I am grateful.

I am grateful that the home I live in has electricity today and there are many people in New York without it.

God has given me the ability to make chocolate chip cookies all by myself and I did that today!

Today was a day off school and I am grateful for being able to sleep in this morning

God gave me a family that takes really good care of me and I am grateful for that.

 DIY Gratitude Journal making Craft


A Gratitude Journal makes a wonderful Christmas gift because you can write a very personal message to the friend or family member that you are giving it to.  You can write reasons, inside the journal you give them, why you are grateful for them specifically.

Here are some things I would write to different friends of mine.  I am grateful that you are my friend because you are really easy to talk to.  I am grateful that you are my friend because you bring a smile to my face when we are together.  I am grateful that you are my friend because we are so much alike.  I am grateful that you are my friend because you tell me the truth.  I am grateful that you are my friend because I know that you love me for who I am and make me a better person at the same time.

Guess who I am making a Gratitude Journal for?  Shhhh, don’t tell!

 Do it yourself Gratitude Journal as a gift

What are you grateful for today?  Hey, write it in your Gratitude Journal!

 Do It Yourself Gratitude Journals for you and a friend

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