5 Best Apps For Teens To Download Today

5 Best Apps For Teens To Download Today

Here Are My Top 5 Choices For The Best Apps For Teens – Download Them Today

Best apps are a little like a best friend.  When you find one you love you want to download it and keep it forever!  In some ways they are better than a best friend because you can just put them in your back pocket and carry them with you where ever you go.  That would be really weird if you carried your best friend with you every place you went. A cool app is always at your finger tips and can keep you in touch with your best friend when they aren’t in your back pocket. In fact, you can communicate and share with your best friend even if they live in, like, Turkey or somewhere off the map!  I love apps but I think there are 5 best apps that every teen should download.

Best Apps For Teens

My Top 5 Best Apps For Teens To Download

1. Instagram:  This is my very favorite social network and I think it is THE BEST app ever made.  A picture speaks a thousand words, right?  With instagram, that is true.  Instagram works with your smart phone camera.  Just click on the app, snap a picture, alter it with easy photo editing buttons and post to your Instagram stream.  Find other peoples pictures you like and double tap the photo to {heart} their post and/or leave a comment.  The more pictures you take the more hearts (or likes) you get and pretty soon you have lots of followers.  I like Instagram because it is fun and it is easy to build a following quickly. Instagram is a great way to share what is going on in your life (especially if your best friend does live in Turkey) and to practice your photography artistry.  Its cool, its fun, its creative and it takes the number one position in my best apps for teens to download list.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram! Android or iPhone

Instagram Best Apps Screen Shots

This is kind of a weird video but it is short and easy to understand. Plus, it pretty much sums how to use Instagram.

 2. Instacollage:  I love Instacollage.  Basically you just take pictures and save them to your gallery on your phone like you normally would. Then you open the Instacollage app and put the pictures into a collage frame of your choice.  Then you add color to your frame.  Then you add special effects to each photo.  Then you add text if you want.  Save the photo to your gallery and then go into your Instagram app.  Upload the photo to Instagram from your photo gallery.  It is fun, creative, easy and cool.  If you have an Instagram account, you gotta get the Instacollage app.  These two apps go hand-in-hand and that is why they are both on my best apps list. Android or iPhone

Instacollage Is One Of The Best Teen Apps

3. Netflix:  Got a smart phone, tablet, or just a computer screen?  Download Netflix today.  All your favorite shows can be watched  any time, any where.  You can watch a favorite television show or a movie.  Road trip?  The Netflix app makes the time fly.  Taking the bus to school?  Gotta have your Netflix app.  It is fun and entertaining! I LOVE my Netflix app… it definitely makes my top 5 best apps for teens. Android or iPhone

Netflix App is the Best

4. Snap Chat:  Snap chat is awesome.  It is a great way to stay in touch with your friends.  You basically take a photo of your self or something you like and send it to your bestie.  Your friend can comment on the photo and you can chat back and forth.  Then, the snap disappears.  Its like sending someone you think is awesome a photo or video text.  They only have up to 10 seconds to look at the snap.  Fun! Android or iPhone

Best Teen Apps Snap Chat

5.  Beautylish:  Beautylish has both a website and an app that I love to frequent.  This app is amazing for hair and makeup tips and inspiration, step by step beauty tutorials, product reviews.  You can even upload pics of yourself and people will give you feedback and ideas.  This is one cool app girls and its free.  Android

Best Apps For Teens Beautylish

Whether you have a smart phone, iPod, iPad, KindlFire, or even if you are using your moms phone, you can download my 5 best apps for teens and try them yourself.  My top 5 best apps for teens might be different from yours so I would love to hear what apps you think are the best.

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3 Responses to 5 Best Apps For Teens To Download Today

  1. katelyn tidwell says:

    i will download those apps they look intersting question though i do not have a phone (i know 11 and phoneless) can i download these apps on my apple i pod touch

  2. kindredlive says:

    Katelyn, some of these apps are available for your iPod. I know Netflix is because I watch it on my iPod all the time. Instagram and instacollage are also available for iPod. I THINK snap chat is too. The Beautylish is just for android so won’t work on the iPod but you can enjoy it on your computer if you want to. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these. Thank you so much for visiting Kindredlive.com and all of your awesome comments. It is so nice to meet you! Holly

  3. Grace says:

    Great app suggestions!:)

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