Bible Devotional for Easter From My Bible App

Bible Devotional for Easter From My Bible App

Celebrate Easter With A 7 Day Bible Devotional  Courtesy of My Bible App

I found a Bible Devotional for Easter on my bible app.  It is a 7 day devotional you can do right before Easter.  The Easter bible devotional is short and easy to do and I thought you might be interested in following along with me.  I use the YouVersion Bible App on my android phone but there is an app for Apple and Windows too.  In fact, I have this cool app on my iPod too. I like it because I can take it with me where ever I go and it is really easy to use.  I even use it in church.

Bible App

My bible app doesn’t replace my bible but it is nice to have.  I often use my bible and app at the same time to help me understand the verse or chapter I am studying. This awesome tool has a 5 star rating with over 600,000 downloads at the time of this writing. It’s free and you can download it HERE.  

Bible App

It is good to have a bible devotional at your fingertip whenever you may need one. Everyone should have a bible in their pocket, don’t you think? Let’s explore the Easter devotional together.


I am excited about this Easter bible devotional.  However, my app has lots of different  reading plans and devotionals to choose from. Why don’t you pull out your app or your bible and follow the Easter devotional with me.  Start 7 days before Easter (the Monday before Easter) and do the devotional everyday.  It is a fun study to do with a friend or your family. This simple study will give you some alone time with God and strengthen your relationship with Him.  Your time with Him will help you understand the miracle of the resurrection too. (Its not really about bunnies people! Although, the Easter Bunny is cool!) So , lets get started with our bible devotional for Easter.

Easter Bible Devotional Readings and Take-Away

Bible devotional for Easter

Day 1 Monday

Read John Chapters 13 and 14

Jesus gives us an example of how God wants us to live. He says “Do as I do”.  Today,  reflect on the example Christ gave us by serving others.  Jesus washed the feet of His desciples.  Ask yourself how you can serve others in a basic way like Jesus did for His friends.

Day 2 Tuesday

John Chapters 15 and 16

Jesus is the vine and we are the branches.  To bear fruit we must stay connected to Jesus.  He makes all things possible and works through us if we stay connected to Him.

Day 3 Wednesday

John Chapters 17 and 18

Jesus had a last request. He knew He was about to die on the cross but His last prayer wasn’t for Himself but for us.  His prayer is a look at God’s will for us.  Go through each line of His prayer and rejoice that He knows and loves you.

Day 4 Thursday

John chapter 19, 20, and 21

Put yourself in the place of Jesus’ followers when they were at the foot of the cross at His death. Think how confused and heartbroken you would be that your Lord and king was about to be crucified.  Then think how you would feel after He died, before the tomb. You would feel that all hope was lost.  Use that feeling to fuel your prayer for someone you know that lives there every day.  Ask God to show them that they do have hope in him. Is that person in despair you?  Ask Him to reveal His hope for you.

Bible App for Easter

Day 5 Friday

Read Luke Chapters 22,23, and 24

Long to live as Jesus did…simply, with focus, with trust and devotion to God and His purpose.

Day 6 Saturday

Read Mark Chapters 14,15,and 16

Be in communion with the Lord.  By breaking the bread and sharing the wine Jesus called us to do what He did:  be broken and poured out.  Go all in for Jesus, hold nothing back.  Give up the control to God and let His will be done in your life.

Day 7 Sunday

Read Matthew 26, 27, and 28

Picture yourself at the foot of the cross, and in front of the empty grave. Rejoice.  Reflect on what your life would be like without these events. Thank Jesus for His sacrifice and salvation. Picture yourself in His arms in Heaven where He sits at the right hand of God. Rejoice.

Bible Devotional For Easter

Download your bible app to begin a devotional for Easter.   Or just grab your bible and follow the above study.  Start on Monday, end on Sunday.  Enjoy your time with the Lord and have a very happy and fulfilled Easter.

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