Book Review of Socks for Christmas by Andy Andrews

Book Review of Socks for Christmas by Andy Andrews

I hope you enjoy my book review of Socks for Christmas by Andy Andrews

I love getting socks for Christmas and I can pretty much count on it from my Mom and Dad.  Usually they give me special socks, you know, Christmas ones and also regular everyday socks. I used to wonder why they thought socks were a good Christmas present. Then my parents gave me this book.  We bring it out every Christmas and this year I decided write a book review on Socks for Christmas by Andy Andrews. It is a great Christmas present too!

Book review of Socks for Christmas by Andy Andrews

My book review of what Socks for Christmas is about?

Well, Socks for Christmas is a true story about Andy Andrews [the writer] when he was a kid about 12 years old I think. It’s a true story from his childhood. Andy thought that Christmas was about getting all the presents he wanted plus some he really didn’t even want, especially socks from his Aunt Jane.  Even though he wasn’t thrilled with the gift, like socks, he always said thank you to the person who gave him presents.  On this Christmas he received several gifts, the Incredible Edible Machine was on the top of his list.  But, after this one Christmas he learned the true meaning of what Christmas was really about.

Incredible Edible Machine in Socks for Christmas Book Review by Andy Andrews

What happened that year?

Well to find out what really happens you’ll have to read the book, or listen to Andy narrate the story in the CD.  He is really fun to listen to by the way. Here’s just part of the story.

After opening all of his presents and visiting his friends to see what they got, he was on his way home. Andy passed a kid’s home and he couldn’t understand why this boy was playing outside and didn’t even have a pair of socks on with his new shoes. When he got home and told his Mom what he saw, she explained why that kid didn’t have a pair of socks.  Well, that year he learned to be truly thankful from the heart, even for just a pair of socks.

Book review of Socks for Christmas by Andy Andrews

This is Andy Andrews! He is a friend of my Mom and Dad’s and I met him when I was about 8 years old.


 I recommend this book to any age group because of these reasons:

1. It makes you think about what Christmas is like for the people who are less fortunate than you are.

2. Always thank people for what they give you because they might have had to work an extra hour or two just to buy it for you.

3. Be very thankful for everything you have because it can be gone in an instant.

4. Cherish the time you spend with your friends and family because they might not be there at the next family gathering.

Our family’s Christmas Tradition

Our family makes a tradition of listening to the CD of Socks for Christmas by Andy Andrews every December, way before Christmas, just as a reminder to be thankful for even just a pair of socks. I can’t wait to read your book review after you read Socks for Christmas!

What’s on your Christmas List?

Socks for Christmas!  When you are making your Christmas list be sure to include a pair of Socks for Christmas.  And hey, this book makes a great Christmas Gift, give it with a pair of socks too.

By book review of Socks for Christmas by Andy Andrews

Who is Andy Andrews?

Andy is an Author of course and he’s also a friend of ours.  I think I was around 8 years old when I met Andy for the first time.  I love listening to his funny stories about his childhood, almost every night.  My favorite story is…Baseball Boys and Bad words.  Check that out too, you can find it on his CD Rocking Chair Classics.

Here are some of the books that Andy has written and they are all great books for teens.

*The Boy Who Changed the Word

*Tales from Sawyerton Springs

*The Butterfly Effect

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