Chocolate Oreo Cookie Pops Recipe -The Ultimate Treat

Chocolate Oreo Cookie Pops Recipe -The Ultimate Treat

Oreo Cookies and Chocolate Coating Makes for an Ultimate Treat

Chocolate Oreo cookie pops recipe is definitely the ultimate treat.  It is the perfect recipe for any party and is loved by both kids and adults.  Easy to make?  Yes they are!  It is true, these look so incredibly awesome they are hard to eat.  It is just hard to ruin something so perfectly pretty.  However, one whiff and you really don’t care any more and down it goes.  Just a couple of bites and your Chocolate Oreo Cookie Pop is gone.  That is why you must have two.  Add a glass of milk. You know, cookies and milk go so great together and you will definitely need it because these are a bit rich but oh so wonderful! Chocolate Oreo Cookie Pops Recipe truly is the ultimate treat!

chocolate oreo cookies

How To Make Chocolate Oreo Cookie Pops

Ingredients For Chocolate Oreo Cookie Pops

There are just a few ingredients!  These are so easy to make.  This is what you will need for chocolate Oreo cookie pops:

Chocolate Covered Oreo cookies

  • 1 package of Double Stuff Oreo cookies.
  • 1 package of chocolate and/or vanilla candy coating.
  • Woodsies wooden sticks. (These work best because they are flat and can be found in a craft store)
  • Parchment paper
  • Crushed peppermints, sprinkles, or colored sugar to decorate.

That is it.  Don’t you just love a recipe with only a few ingredients in it?  Me too.  Anything that is easy to make, I am on it!

Directions For Chocolate Oreo Cookie Pops

Chocolate Cookie Pops

  1. Insert the Woodie into the Oreo filling.
  2. Melt the chocolate Candy coating per the directions on the package.  We melted ours in the microwave and it only took a minute and a half to melt them.
  3. Dip Oreo cookies into the candy coating.  Use a spoon to help you cover the entire Oreo cookie with chocolate candy coating.
  4. Place the cookie pop on the parchment paper and immediately sprinkle with the sprinkles, crushed candies or colored sugar.
  5. They only take a few minutes to dry.

Make Them In Vanilla or Chocolate!

Chocolate Covered Oreos Chocolate Oreo Cookie Pops Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookie Pops They are festive for any party!

So, the great thing about Oreo Cookies is that they are making them in many different flavors.  You can buy Oreos with peanut butter, berry, mint, and chocolate filling.  The double stuff Oreos are easiest to work with so we recommend using those. So, anyway, that is all there is to it. Chocolate Oreo Cookie Pops might just be the easiest and fastest recipe we have ever made.  These cookies look amazing when the recipe is complete.  We like to add a cellophane wrap and secure it with a bow.

cookie-pop-in-hand cookies

Then we hand them out to all of the kids in the neighborhood.  We gave a couple to some friends of ours and the mom was like “Ohhhhhh, Dad would just love these.”  Needless to say, we sent some home for the whole family. Like I said, these cookie pops will be a huge hit. I mean really, what is better than an Oreo Cookie?

Chocolate Christmas Cookies


I know, I know….its a Chocolate Oreo Cookie Pop!  The recipe that makes the ultimate treat!




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