Christmas Snowman Ornament Craft Made With Clear Glass Balls

Christmas Snowman Ornament Craft Made With Clear Glass Balls

Our Christmas Snowman Ornament Craft With Ear Muffs Is Too Cute To Resist

This easy Christmas craft brings to life a darling Christmas snowman ornament.  He is cute hanging on the Christmas tree but is also fun to give as a gift.  He also can help decorate a present.  This little guy will steal your heart but not your wallet.  He costs about two dollars to make.  This is a great craft for kids to do because it is super easy.  We love this little Christmas snowman ornament.  We just couldn’t help but share him with you.

Christmas Snowman Ornament Craft

Christmas Snowman Ornament Craft Supplies

Christmas Snowman Craft Supplies

  • 1 clear glass ball ornament.
  • 1 vinyl snowman face (or you can cut one out from constructions paper or color/pain one on.
  • 2 red pom-pom balls
  • 1 pipe cleaner in Christmas colors
  • Christmas snow, packaged from the store (not the stuff that falls outside, just want to be clear about that!)

Christmas Snowman Ornament Craft Directions

  1. Take the top off your ornament and fill it with fake snow about 1/3 of the way. Christmas Snowman Craft
  2. Put the vinyl face on the front of the glass ball by pressing it in place and rubbing until it sticks.  Then just peel off the top plastic piece.  So cute, right??? Christmas Snowman Face
  3. Cut the pipe cleaner so that it will run from side to side, as in the photo.  The pipe cleaner should run through the loop part of the hanger piece. Christmas Snowman Ornament Craft
  4. Glue the pipe cleaner to the side of the ball using a hot glue gun.  Put the glue directly on the pipe cleaner because the hot glue can melt the ball if it is made from plastic.  After you put the glue on the pipe cleaner, tack it down to the side of the ball and allow it to dry. Christmas Snowman Craft
  5. Now, glue the other side.
  6. Place a dollop of hot glue on the red pom-pom and tack it down to the end of the pipe cleaner.  Now, the other side please. Christmas Craft Idea christmas-snowman-7
  7. Tie a ribbon or string to the loop to hang the Christmas snowman ornament craft from your Christmas tree. Christmas Snowman Ornament Craft


Isn’t he the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Cute Christmas Snowman Craft

I really enjoyed making this little guy.  You might just like to give him a try.  He is really easy to make.  christmas-snowman10

Besides, shouldn’t everyone have a cute Christmas Snowman Ornament hanging on their tree?  I think so!

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  2. LeAnne says:

    Where did you get the vinyl face?

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