Cyberbully the Movie – a New Twist to the Word Bully

Cyberbully the Movie – a New Twist to the Word Bully

Have you seen the movie Cyberbully

Cyberbully is a movie that could actually happen in real life.  Have you seen this movie about bullies? Well, I have and this is a whole new kind of movie about bullies.   Cyberbully was created by ABC Family.  Some of you reading this might have seen this before so you know how sad it is.  If you haven’t seen it though please keep reading my Cyberbully movie review and then definitely see the movie about real life bullies. Be sure you watch the whole movie and don’t just stop at the sad part. It is very important.

What is Cyberbully about?

Cyberbully words

Cyberbully is about a 17 year old teenage girl, who is being bullied by a person who will shock you in the end.   This person is in the popular crowd and thinks she is “all that”. Emily Osment (she played the best friend of Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana) is the star of this movie. The girl, Taylor Hillridge, gets a computer from her Mom.  She is sad because her Mom & Dad got a divorce and she felt really alone.  So, she signed up for an online account like Facebook or Twitter.  There are some really mean girls who post or tweet or message her on her page or wall. This is called bullying. The words they used really hurt her. Then Taylor goes through a really bad time and finally figures out that she is not alone and that she doesn’t have to listen to the mean girls.

Bullies find power in you keeping a secret

Quote about cyberbullying

My Mom was bullied in school. When my Mom was in middle school there were some girls that were bullies to her and she told me that back then, not much was done about it. My Mom also told me that she survived and it made her a stronger person.

Please know that now, if you are being bullied, you need to go talk to your parents, a parent of a good friend of yours or an adult at school (Teacher or Principal). Don’t keep this a secret.  The important part is that the adults will help you!

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.” – Harvey Fierstein.


I think this movie is very important to watch.  First, we all say things that we really don’t mean sometimes.  If you know what your words to do other people, then maybe it will help you to think about what you are saying.  And second, if you think you are being bullied then you have to tell someone. You simply must stand up for yourself!

Deleting cyber bullies


What I got from the movie…

Whatever you write online is permanent!  It will never go away so think carefully about what you say or write online.  It could really hurt someone even if you are just joking around.  It might sound funny to you, right then at that moment, but it might not be funny to the person it is about.   So, be careful what you post.

Don’t be embarrassed – speak up!  You need to know that you should not tolerate being bullied and now Cyberbully, the movie, puts a whole new twist on what bullies do.

Click here for the Cyberbully movie! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfGtk5Al7LY


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  1. Lisa says:

    It happens to normal people you may think your best friends really are your best friends but those are the people who can hurt you the most so watch out what you tell you “best friend” because they can tell anyone they want.

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