Disney In Hawaii At The Aulani Disney Resort – My Impression

Disney In Hawaii At The Aulani Disney Resort – My Impression

The Aulani Disney Resort Is A Little Piece Of Disneyland In Hawaii

Disney is in Hawaii with the new Aulani Disney Resort in Ko Olina on the Island of Oahu.  We have been vacationing in Hawaii and loved the Disney Aulani Resort, even though we didn’t stay there.  We stayed at the Marriott Vacation Beach Club just a few doors down from the Aulani.  We were so close we could even walk to the Disney Aulani resort and wander through their grounds.  We took a lot of pictures so you could check it out too.

Welcome to Aulani

Where is Aulani Disney Resort

Aulani Disney Resort is on the Island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii.  It is located about 30 minutes from the city of Honolulu. Aulani is located within a resort area called Ko ‘Olina which includes a golf course and several other resort hotels.

What is the Aulani Disney Resort Like?

Aulani is pretty cool, I have to say.  We didn’t get to see the rooms of the hotel but I hear they are awesome.  The hotel lobby has big over stuffed couches and chairs and there are lots of places to cozy up.  The lobby is huge with super high ceilings. It has a Polynesian style to the building and it is HUGE! Oh, I guess I said that already. Huge.

Disney Aulani Image

Disney Aulani

There is minimal decor inside the lobby of the hotel but along the top of the walls is this pretty mural showing Polynesian life.  It is brightly colored and catches your eye. Its neat.

Disney Aulani ural

The Disney Aulani pool and recreation area is amazing. They have a lot packed into this area.  There is a large pool, a water play area, a cool lazy river, awesome water slides, hot tubs, a fire pit, an infinity pool and a snorkeling aquarium. Wowza.  There were a lot of life guards there keeping kids safe.

Disney Aulani Pool Here is a pic of the infinity pool.  It is small but has a view of the amazingly beautiufl lagoon.

Disney Aulani Infinity Pool Cool huh?

The Aulani shares a beach lagoon with the JW Marriott which is located directly next door.  The lagoon is like a piece of heaven on earth with warm blue waters and a white sand beach.  There are tons of beach chairs and umbrella’s provided.  Plus you can book beach activities and equipment right on the beach.

Disney Aulani Resort Lagoon

What is Good About Aulani

Pool: the pool is really big and is easy to get into.

Disney Aulani Pool

Water Slides: They have several water slides and they are really big.  You can even use an inner tube on at least one of them.  They look amazing and are the highlight of the resort.

Disney Aulani Water Slides

Lazy River: There is a lazy river that runs through the center of the resort.  There are trees and tunnels and lots of cute things to look at along the way.  So fun and relaxing.

Disney Aulani Lazy River

Lots To Do:  In true Disney fashion, Aulani has tons to do.  There are story tellings around the fire pit, movies on the beach and all kinds of activities. Plus, you can rent snorkel gear or go out on the Aulani catamaran right on the beach. Something for everyone at Aulani.

Disney Aulani

Disney Aulani Catamaran

Food Choices:  There are lots of places to eat and all kinds of food choices.  No one is going to starve at Aulani as long as you can afford the food.

Disney Aulani food

Beach and Lagoon:  The beach and lagoon are a little mini paradise.  White sandy beaches, blue water, fantastic ocean views.  All in a tropical setting. Truly amazing!

Disney Aulani is Paradise

Aulani Lagoon on Ko Olina Resort
What is Bad About Aulani

Design: Dudes….its ugly!  Really ugly.  It is dark and weird.  It has ugly walls, ugly art, ugly colors.  It is awesome in size, awesome in location and has awesome stuff to do….but it is ugly. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but this beholder thinks it is very ugly.

Disney Aulani Is Ugly

Ugly Aulani

Cost: We paid 350.00 on a two bedroom condo at the Marriott Beach Club and the rooms were really super nice.  The same room at Aulani is 1475.00.  That difference makes up for a lot of surf lessons if you ask me.  Of course, the rates change all the time and you might get a better deal. Plus, everything at the Aulani is extra.  You have to pay to snorkel in their snorkeling pool and their food is expensive.  They have some big restaraunts but their buffet is 43.00 per person.  So just be prepared for extra costs.

Disney Aulani

These drums just randomly light up and start playing when you walk by.

View:  You can’t see the beach or lagoon from anywhere on the property until you are almost at the beach. I am sure you can see it from some of the rooms but probably not very many of them as I can tell.  The Marriott Beach Club Resort, where we stayed, is right on its own lagoon and you can see beautiful views of the water from almost any place on the resort.  That luxury was lacking at Aulani. For that one reason alone I like the Marriott Beach Club Resort better.  But there were a lot of cool water activities at the Aulani and that can’t be overlooked…so fun.

Disnery Aulani

See, the view from the hotel isn’t very good. I am sure there are some view rooms but I don’t think there are very many with good views. The beach is so amazing but you can’t see it from the resort. That is a major downer about the Disney Aulani Resort.

Disney Aulani -My Overall Impressions

Disney Aulani Resort And Spa Review

We are standing in front of one of the fountains. Little stone turtles and fish pop up and down and spew water back and forth. My Grandma loved it! Cute!

Disney Aulani is an amazing place and if you go I am sure you will have a fantastic time.  There are tons of things to do and is a fantastic place to play.  I am sure you will not be disappointed.  Even though there are things I do not like about Aulani, I still think it would be a fun place to go and stay.  I did like the Marriott Beach Club better because it was right on the lagoon and you could see the ocean. It was just steps from our condo. We also had 3 pools that were all amazing. Plus, the Disney Aulani is 3-4 times more expensive for the same type of room.  So, for the money and the beauty of the place I would choose the Marriott Beach Club Resort.  For the water slides?…..Disney Aulani for sure!





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