DIY For The Holidays Easy To Make Ornament Wreath

DIY For The Holidays Easy To Make Ornament Wreath

Use Colorful Ornaments to Make This DIY Wreath For The Holidays

DIY (Do It Yourself) is something we do a lot of here at Kindredlive.com.  This easy to make Ornament Wreath for the holidays fits perfectly with our passion for creating beautiful things.  There is a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you create something pretty or useful out of ordinary stuff.  This beautiful ornament wreath is no different.  The end result just makes you feel great and happy. Your ornament wreath will be a reflection of your personality made with colors of your choosing.   That is the whole point of a DIY project, right?  Plus the wreath is inexpensive and only requires a few items.  A DIY project that is easy to make is definitely up my alley!  So, I made two. I made one using large ornaments and one using mini ornaments.  The large wreath looks incredible on our front door.  The smaller wreath I hung on my room wall.  But you could hang it on your tree for the holidays or use it as a candle ring.  No matter, they were both so easy to make and I love them!

DIY For The Holidays

DIY Ornament Wreath Supplies

  • 1 Wire Hanger
  • 50 glass or plastic large Christmas ornaments (you may need more or less depending on the size of your ornaments) or 60 mini ornaments for a small sized wreath.
  • A glue gun and glue sticks.
  • Pliers and wire cutters to help you secure the wires together before attaching the bow.
  • Ribbon to tie a beautiful bow at the top of your wreath.

DIY Ornament Wreath Directions

Glue the ornament tops to the ornaments so they won’t fall off when they are put on the wire.

Glue your DIY Wreath Ornaments at the hanger to secure.

Shape your wire hanger into a circle.  Then unravel the hanger at the hook so it opens.

diy ornament wreath

Thread your ornaments onto the hanger, adjusting them as you go so they lay close together. When the hanger is filled with ornaments all the way around, wrap the ends of the wire around each other again.  I squeeze the hook part of the hanger at the bottom so it forms a loop to hang the wreath with. I use the pliers and my dad’s muscles to get this job done.

DIY Ornament Wreath


Last, I tie a ribbon around the hanging loop.  To make the bow fuller I actually tie two bows.  That leaves lots of dangly ends hanging down and I like that look too.

Look at my pretty DIY easy to make wreath


Isn’t that easy to make?  I can’t think of a DIY project for the holidays that is easier than that.  I love my ornament wreath and think I can use it in my room all year round since it is not really done in Christmas colors.  I love the sparkles and the way the lights make my ornament wreath look like it is twinkling.  Aren’t these DIY Christmas Wreaths so very beautiful?(and so easy to make!)

DIY wreath

The smaller project makes a beautiful candle ring for the holidays but I hang it on my bedroom wall.  So pretty!

DIY For The Holidays

This is a very pretty easy to make DIY craft that also makes a fantastic gift for the holidays.  Don’tcha think so too?

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