Do you have a Girlfriend Bag? Check out what’s in mine!

Do you have a Girlfriend Bag? Check out what’s in mine!

Girlfriend Bags come in handy when you are trying to figure out what to do to pass the time.

One day not too long ago Holly came over to my house for the day.  At first we couldn’t figure out what to do.  Holly is kind of like Mary Poppins, when she comes to visit she just keeps pulling things out of her Girlfriend Bag!

What is a Girlfriend Bag?

When you have been invited to a girlfriend’s house it’s a good idea to bring along things that you like to do. You should not leave it up to your girlfriend to come up with all of the ideas and a Girlfriend Bag comes in handy when you run into those times we all call “awkward!” and then we sometimes tell parents we are “bored”.  I usually bring things that I know my girlfriend and I like to have fun with.

For instance, with one girlfriend we can play with our American Girl Dolls pretty much for a full day and at the very least a couple of hours. Yes, I love my American Girl Dolls and I love spending time with my girlfriend dressing them up and playing with them.  Lucky for me Holly’s Grandma is the “queen of the sewing machine” and she has made all kinds of outfits that fit our American Girl Dolls practically perfect in every way.  I love to “shop” at her house!

Girlfriend Doll Clothes that fit American Girl Dolls

If you are invited to a new friend’s house and don’t know her very well, here are a few items that I would bring along:

Here are just some ideas for your Girlfriend Bag – check back for our DIY Spa Fun Day!

Fingernail Polish (most girlfriends like to spend time polishing their nails)

Drawing Pad & Pencils or Markers (I love to draw and its a great way to pass the time)

Girlfriend Drawing Project

Makeup (with some of my girlfriends we can try make up on and do our hair for hours)

Music CD’s or IPOD (Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber are current favorites of mine)

Favorite book or Kindle (in case you need to just chillax for a while)

An easy and delish recipe (I’ve made Lemon Bars twice with one girlfriend that has come over to my house and they are super delish)

Girlfriend Lemon Bars

Of course, those are kind of winter ideas and summer brings a whole different bag! And if it’s a sleepover then we’re really talkin!

What’s was in Holly’s Girlfriend Bag this time?  

Well, for starters Holly pulled some yarn and a crochet needle.   Her Grandma has been teaching her to knit & crochet so Holly decided to teach me.  We worked at that for about 45 minutes to an hour and had fun talking about random stuff the entire time.  Holly was working on a sock and I was working on a scarf.

Holly also had her makeup in her Girlfriend Bag so we spent time putting makeup on each other and then we did our hair too.

My girlfriend applying makeup to me.

It’s fun when a girlfriend and I trade putting makeup on each other.

After Holly pulled out her Taylor Swift CD and we decided to make a dance routine to one of her songs. First, we had to have my Mom’s help moving the furniture out of the way.  Making a dance routine was super fun and we worked on that for 4 hours and 30 minutes.  We did take breaks for snacks but then got right back to it to perfect our routine.  Then, we put on the show three different times, once for my Mom, then Holly’s Mom and our Dads.  We think it was pretty good too!

Girlfriend Dance Routine

Wow, Holly even had her helmet in her bag so we went outside and rode bikes & skateboards. That was really all we had time for and we could have used a few more hours!

I’m the Girlfriend Bag Lady!

I love bags and can never have enough.  Well, my Mom thinks I have more than enough but I would be happy having a different one for each week of each month! For goodness sake, my Mom has lots of different purses for different occasions so, as they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!  Remember me talking about my Dakine Backpack and how I would not need one for at least a couple of years – yea right! I can’t wait to find my next Girlfriend Bag!



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