Easy Grilled Chicken Recipe for Success

Easy Grilled Chicken Recipe for Success

Grilled Chicken Recipe Adds More Protein for a Healthy Diet

My Dad is the best at grilling chicken in our house and it always turns out great. First, we use frozen Chicken Tenders for our grilled chicken recipe and you can get a large bag at your grocery store or Costco.  You can either throw them on the grill frozen or thaw them in the refrigerator the night before.  Sometimes we put them in Lawry’s Lemon Pepper Marinade for an hour or so before grilling, but most of the time we just grill them plain.  That way we can add anything we want to make it tasty.   If you don’t want to turn on the grill, just use the oven and follow the package directions.


Chunk or slice it up!


Grab and Go right from the freezer to your lunchbox is easy.


Grilled chicken is awesome on a salad.


Or, you can turn it into a sandwich mix if you cut it up a little more add a little mayonnaise,  I like to dip cold chicken into ranch dip for an easy and quick snack.

Grilled Chicken Recipe

There you go, our easy Grilled Chicken Recipe ideas for you!

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