Fashion Trend Product Review – Tagtailz and Glimmerz

Fashion Trend Product Review – Tagtailz and Glimmerz

TagTailz Are A New Accessory And A Fashion Trend

Tagtailz are a new fashion trend that you don’t want to miss. The question is , what is this new fashion trend and what do you do with it?   Well, Tagtailz are cute little accessories that you can wear many different ways. They were meant to accessorize your tee shirts and over sized tops by scrunching them up around your waist.  Instead of using an ugly rubber band use a Tagtailz fashion accessory to glam up your shirts.  Aren’t these the cutest things ever?  But wait!  Don’t stop there. You can use this cute fashion trend in many other ways as well.

fashion trend

  1. Put them in your hair
  2. Backpack or Purse Bling
  3. Tie a Scarf
  4. Wear them as a bracelet.
  5. Use them as a tie back for your curtains.
  6. Tie them to your belt or belt loop to dangle on your jeans (So cute!)
  7. Dangle them from your lovable pets collar.

A Fashion Trend


There is no end to the different ways you can use this cute fashion accessory.  Tying up your tee-shirt to a more fitted look has been a long-standing fashion trend.  Glamming your tee up with some bling is a new and exciting way to accessorize your outfit.

Fashion Trend for T shirts

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Your Tagtailz look great with sweats or for a night out on the town, that is one of the things that is so great about them.  Tagtailz are versatile.Dog Collar bling

Tagtailz make a fantastic gift.  In fact, they have a Tagtailz for almost any sport or activity you can think of .  Team mom’s might like to know this as it makes a great team gift at the end of the season.  Price points are $7-12 so are super affordable!  That is why I think I can have a few to glam up my life, ya know???

Tagtailz were featured at the Golden Globes awards show.  They had a booth in what is called the Boom Boom Room at the show.  Stars can go into the room and fill their goody bags with all kinds of products and Tagtailz was there, adorning stars and their kids with just a little more glam! Yup, all the little baby stars will be running around wearing them. (CAUTION: when wearing you might feel that you are a superstar.)

Fashion Trend TagTailz

Tag tails look very crafty to us. The beads come in different colors and patterns and they have a little charm at the end. You can even customize one with the beads colors and pattern, even the charm.  Megan and I really liked these products and felt they are cute little things to add to a plain outfit. Tagtailz are just a great gift to give to friends, sisters, and even your parents. Megan and I enjoyed using these and want more.  Tagtailz are great because you can choose them to reflect your personality.  Mine has a heart and lacrosse sticks on it, I play lacrosse. Megan’s Tagtailz is glittery. Just like her personality. It has a heart on it for the love she shares with her friends. Anyway, Megan and I love these Tagtailz fashion accessories and think they are a huge fashion trend.

Megan and I were gifted a Tagtailz and a Glimmerz by Tagtailz.com to try.  However, our opinion of this fantastically trendy accessory is entirely our own.  We wanted you to know because we thought you might like them too. You can find Tagtailz at Tag-tailz.com.

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  1. Katelyn says:

    omg that is soooo cute where can i get one I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!

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