Hair How To: Dip Dye with Kool Aid!

Hair How To: Dip Dye with Kool Aid!

How do I convince my Mom to let me Dip Dye my hair with Kool Aid

I really wanted to color my hair and needed to convince my Mom to let me try it. Lots of my friends have “dip dyed” their hair and I think it looks pretty cool. But I also knew that reason would not convince my Mom.  You know the old sayings that Moms come up with, “if your friends jumped off of a bridge would that make it a smart thing to do?”.  Of course not!  And I am a swimmer so I knew my Mom would be worried about the color turning, well, green!

Luckily Halloween was just around the corner so I asked my Mom and Dad if I could please try it, just for Halloween.  And they said yes! my hair is beautifully dip dyed with Kool Aid

Here’s what you’ll need before you can dip dye your hair with Kool Aid:

2 packages of Unsweetened Kool Aid (I used Tropical Punch)

2 cups of boiling water (be sure to let an adult help with this part)

A deep bowl or pan

Two old towels (they will get dye on them)

An IPOD (to keep time)

It helps to have a friend there to help you. And, you might want to decide where you are going to dye your hair.  Mom thought it would work best in the bathroom and using the tank of a toilet to set the hair dye on. So, set your area up first. I used a towel on the tank because you don’t want to put a hot pan directly on a ceramic surface. Get your hair towels ready too.

Then pour the 2 cups of water into a pan and bring it to a boil.  Turn off the heat and add the unsweetened Kool Aid to the water. Stir well.  Put the ends of your hair in the Kool Aid hair dye and keep it there for 10 minutes.  A glass container worked greatThat was the hard part. My girlfriend set the timer on her IPOD and kept me entertained.  I have to say that my neck did get sore and my girlfriend said, “Megan, beauty can be painful”.  She was funny!

It was time to take my hair out of the dye. That was kind of awkward for me to do myself so my Mom helped and put a towel around my hair.

Removing hair from the dye is tricky

It’s a good idea to have help removing your hair from the dye.

Then, put your hair in the sink and rinse it out, blow dry your hair and you’re all set!

blow dry your hair

I can’t wait to see my hair!

I love it and my hair smells great too!  I think it would be great fun to get your girlfriends and have a dip dye hair party!



I love my dip dyed hair

What color shall I try next?

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  1. Etg says:

    Have you tried to dip dye w/blue kook aid?

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