Hard Boiled Eggs Are Easy To Make

Hard Boiled Eggs Are Easy To Make

Protein is Packed In Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard Boiled Eggs contain only about 75 calories and one large boiled egg packs in a whopping 6.29 g of protein. The average person needs between 50 to 65 g of protein per day. Athletes may need slightly more. Also, eggs contain all essential amino acids, making them a complete protein. Protein is one of the three key “Brain Foods” that help keep your brain ready to work. Deficiencies in protein can result in poor school performance and hunger.  When you eat protein for breakfast and lunch it helps your body function better in school and helps to avoid being hungry. The Incredible Edible Egg!

Hard Boiled Eggs The Easy Way

It is super easy to make hard boiled eggs – just watch! Oh and don’t forget to pull your hair back before you start cooking; you don’t want to eat your hair too do you?

First, place COLD eggs straight from the fridge into COLD water.  This is very important so you don’t crack your egg shells before you cook your eggs.  Also have at least one inch of water over the top of the eggs.


Next, place the lid on your pan and place your pan on a burner.  Turn it on MEDIUM. It will take a while (maybe up to 10 minutes depending upon your burner and how many cold eggs you have in the cold water) to come to a rolling boil and that’s just fine.


Gradually turn up the heat to HIGH and once your eggs are at a ROLLING BOIL keep them there for ONE MINUTE.  Then, turn OFF the heat and turn ON the TIMER to 12 minutes.


After 12 minutes, remove your eggs carefully….


…and place in an ICE WATER bath to quickly cool your eggs.


This stops the cooking process and will help to avoid the yolk turning green with too much cooking.


If your egg yolks do turn green they are still delicious to eat – they just don’t look so pretty.

Hard Boiled EggsThere you have it, our Easy Hard Boiled Eggs!

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