High Heels For Tweens And Tween Heel Height Rules

High Heels For Tweens And Tween Heel Height Rules

High Heels for Tweens And How High Is Too High?

That is the question when it comes to wearing heels for tweens.  Wearing heels may sound very cool and “in style” but that doesn’t mean they are good for your feet. High heels for tweens can be challenging to find too.  So many are very high (4″) and some are very low (“flats).   Tall heels are the ones you should look out for because they can really wreck your feet.  So, the question remains:  how high is too high? Tween High Heel Rules

If you think high heels for tweens are awesome and cool looking just try a pair on.  You will see, once you put your foot in the shoe, your foot might feel like your blood is going to your toes. That most likely will happen with 4 inch or higher heels.

One time, when I went to the mall for a birthday party scavenger hunt, one of the things on the scavenger list was to have the entire group put on a pair of high heels. I was in a group of 4 girls and when we all put on the heels, all of us said, “Take the picture now, I can’t feel my toes.” That was something we all laughed at. Oh, we did look cool but our feet hurt really bad. I can’t imagine having to walk anywhere in those super high heels.  How high is too high?  Those were! It is a good idea to follow some tween heel height rules.

How High Is Too High: Tween Heel Height Rules

tweens need high heels rules

I’m not saying you can’t wear heels I’m just saying be careful of what heels you wear. If you are just starting to wear heels I would recommend 1 inch or smaller for about your first year. I have been wearing heels for about 2 years and I am still wearing 2 inch heels or shorter. It takes practice to learn to walk in heels so start low and work your way up. High heels for tweens can be fun to wear if you can actually walk in them!

High heels and platform shoes are really meant for teenagers and adults.  They can be dangerous and cause you problems when you grow up.  It is best to stick with the tween heel height rules until you are a little older.  Knowing how high is too high just makes sense. Besides, there are some super cute heels that aren’t too high, just for us in high heels for tweens. Check these out!

high heels for tweens

These shoes can all be found at Macy’s Junior’s shoe shop!

Do you have any tween heel height rules at your house?  High heels for tweens should be easy and fun to walk in.

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  1. Love the advice to have the girls try on the heels. Looking at heels is one thing; wearing them is another.

  2. kindredlive says:

    And that is the truth!

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