Homemade Valentine Card That Says Owl Love You Forever

Homemade Valentine Card That Says Owl Love You Forever

Owl Love You Forever is Easy To Say With Our Homemade Valentine Pattern

A homemade valentine says I love you in a very special way.  That is why I love this cute Valentine’s day owl.  He is so cute with those big googly eyes and I can just hear him saying “Who do you love?”  Well, I love him, he is just darling.  I bet you can think up some owl themed sayings that will be perfect on this homemade valentine.  I would love to hear your ideas.  These are my owl valentine card message ideas :

Homemade Valentine Card

Whooo do you love?
Owl Be Here For You
Owl Love You Forever (or you could say Owl Love U 4Ever)
I Love Whooooo?
Owl Be Your Valentine

Homemade Valentine Card Supplies

Homemade Valentine Card Supplies

  • Various Valentine’s Day themed scrapbook papers
  • 1-2 pieces of red or pink cardstock
  • Large googly eyes
  • Glue Stick/Elmers glue/glue gun
  • Circle and Heart Shaped Punches (optional)
  • Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter
  • Ribbon, string or bakers twine.
  • Small cutting of tulle or fluff.
  • Chalk writer (or rub-on letters, or sharpie)

Directions to Make Owl Homemade Valentine Card

1. Cut out the pieces to make your owl.  They are as follows:

Homemade valentine

  • body (we used a large cookie cutter as a pattern)
  • 2 round eyes (we used a 1 1/2 inch round hole punch)
  • nose/beak (free hand, simple long triangle)
  • tummy panel (we used a 2 inch scalloped heart punch)
  • feet (free hand)
  • ear feathers (free hand)
  • 2 wings (free hand)
  • 3 solid hearts ( we used a 1 inch heart punch)

Homemade owl valentine card.

2.  Once you have all your pieces cut out you can start putting them together.  Begin with the body and start working your way from the bottom up. But first lay out everything on your owl body so you know exactly where you want it to go.

3.  Place the tummy panel near the bottom of the body heart and glue with your glue stick.

4.  Place the beak so it layers over the tummy panel a little bit and adhere with your glue stick.

5.  Place the round eye pieces just slightly over the beak corner and adhere with your glue stick.

6.  Turn your homemade valentine over and glue on the ear feathers, wings and feet to the back of the owl body heart.

7.  Now place the googly eyes near the bottom of the circle but with some space showing all the way around.  The eyes don’t go directly in the middle (but you can if you want to because you get to make him any way you want).  You can use Elmer’s glue or a glue gun to glue the eyes.

8. Take a small tuft of fluff or tulle and a ribbon and tie them together with a string.  Glue the bundle to the top of the owl’s head where the heart meets in the middle.  This goes right between his ear feathers. Cute, huh?

9.  Now take your chalk writer and write your message on the three hearts.

10.  Glue each heart to a string or ribbon to make a garland.

11.  Tie a knot in each end of the ribbon and glue it to your valentine card owl’s wing on both sides.

Love You Forever Valentine

Optional homemade valentine  ideas:

Goody Bag Valentine Ideas

1.  Cut out a second large body heart in a solid color cardstock and glue it to the back of the owl’s body to write a message.

2.  Just glue the edges of this second valentine heart keeping the top open to create a pocket to place a special treat.

3.  Glue your homemade valentine to the top of a treat or goody bag for an extra special valentine card.

4.  Glue a ribbon on the back so you can hang your valentine on your wall or bedpost.

Owl love you forever valentine

Here are some resources for some other cute homemade Valentine’s Day cards:

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Well, what can I say,?  This homemade valentine truly does say Owl Love You Forever!  I can’t think of anything more adorable and heart-felt than this sweet card and the message of love and friendship it carries.  I have made a pattern for you to use on this cute little guy.  You can find it under our cool tab HERE.  Just download it, cut out the shapes and trace them on to your patterned paper.  Easy! Don’t you want to make your own homemade valentine?





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