How To Create a Side Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

How To Create a Side Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

Rock The Side Bun With Our Easy Hair How To Tutorial

Learn how to create a glamorous side bun hairstyle with our simple 7 step tutorial.  I think the side bun is such a pretty hairstyle.  It is also simple to learn how to create.  Just follow the 7 easy steps in our hair how to tutorial and you will have it mastered in no time.  There are some things you are going to need to create the side bun though so get your list out.

Supplies to Create a Side Bun Hairstyle

Hair How To Side Bun Tutorial

Start with a simple side swept ponytail.

How To Create A Side Bun Hairstyle In An Easy 7 Step Tutorial

The side bun is super easy and only takes a few minutes to create.  Follow the photographs and steps below and soon you will have learned how to create a gorgeous perfect side bun hairstyle that looks amazing.  I love my bun maker that I bought at Claire’s.  It works great on my hair because my hair is so fine.  There are many types of bunmakers but I like the one that is covered in hair best because you really can’t see it at all beneath my hair. 


Everyone asks me how I get my hair into that awesome bun!  I tell them the truth, that I use a hair donut bun maker.  Now, my friends are all buying them to use on their hair.  I hate to say it but I know you are going to want one too.  Some people used rolled socks or sponges cut into a round shape.  I have tried both of these  methods but find my hair donut bun maker easier to use and it just looks better.



1. Start with a simple side swept ponytail.

2. Take your Hair donut bun maker and pull your side ponytail through the center of the donut.

3. Fan your hair out so that it covers the hair donut all the way around.

4. Take your ponytail hair band and secure it over your bun, you may need to loop it a second time.

5. Wrap the loose ends that stick out around the bun.

6.  Secure the bun with bobby pins as needed.

7.  Glam it up further by adding a headband, flower, or ribbon.

Side Bun Hair How To Tutorial Side Bun Hair How To Tutorial
I hope you liked our KindredLive hair tutorial. I love the side bun because it just looks so beautiful. It is classy with jeans and, of course, looks totally amazing for a formal function.  So now that you have read our hairstyle tutorial and know how to create your own side bun, get going! You can do it.



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