How To Give Money in Style – 10 Creative Ways to Give Cash

How To Give Money in Style – 10 Creative Ways to Give Cash

Creative Money Gifts – How To Give Money In Style

Give Money as a gift but do it in style!  How to give money in style is as simple as using your creativity.  Giving money in an envelope or even in a gift card is, well, boring.  Very blase’, don’t you think? But on the other hand, getting a little cash in your pocket is always AWESOME!  I have four cousins in college who could all use some cold hard cash.  That is what we are giving them for Christmas this year.  With the help of the internet, Pinterest, and our own creative juices we have come up with 10 creative ways to give cash. Today we will show you how to give money in style.

How To Give Money In Style

Tissue Box:  This is the cutest thing and an easy how to project.  Find the most festive box of tissue you can .  I am using a Christmas themed box.  Tape together your money in a long row.  We are giving $25.00 so have taped 25 one dollar bills.  Roll them up loosely and tuck them in the box with one end of the money sticking out a little bit.  Put a sticky bow on top.  When they pull off the bow the money will start to come with it in a long string.  Everyone will get a good laugh. This is a fun way to give money in style and its an easy how to project.

Holiday Gift Guide For Teens

Glycerin Soap: I found this how to idea on Pinterest and thought it was cute.  Take a bar of glycerin soap and drill a hole in the side that goes the width of a dollar bill.  Roll your money up tightly and stick the rolled money inside the soap.  Pack the open end with the glycerin pieces that have fallen out and wrap your soap.  So, what do you think?  Will the recipient use the soap until the money can be taken out or do you thing they will just break it to get the money out.  Either way, it is clean money.  You can see this how to tutorial at the Every Nothing Wonderful  blog.

Creative Ways To Give Money

The tutorial can be found at every nothing wonderful.com

Money Ornament : There are so many fun ideas you can do with a clear Christmas ornament including giving money.  Just roll a bill or two….or three…up and put them in an empty clear ornament and fill it with glitter.  So cute and fun and easy to make.  Anyone would love to get this Christmas ornament as a gift. I know I would…hint hint!

Christmas Ornament Filled With Money

Money Roses: These pretty roses are a fun way to give cash for Christmas.   So pretty, so fun.  Make a dozen for a bouquet of roses or just one perfect rose. You can learn how to make this perfect rose below at So Crafty

How To Give Money Roses

Photo Credit So Crafty

Money Book:  I learned how to make this cute money book on the Martha Stewart craft site last year.  It is still a great idea, so cute and so easy.  Anyone would be delighted to get a book of money, I know I would. 1 Strip of cardstock, and 2 squares in your favorite patterned paper.  A short piece of string or ribbon 12-18 inches long and a glue stick is all you need to quickly put together this cute little book filled with money.

Creative ways to give money as a gift.

Scavenger Hunt: One clue for every dollar or five dollars sends them running all over the house finding their loot.  For example: A clue that says “money is sweet!”  might lead them right to the sugar jar! Your imagination is all you need to learn how to put this event together.

Money Is Sweet!

Balloons: We found this pretty balloon on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea.  Who wouldn’t love to receive money all dressed up like this???  I sure would!  There are some simple how to balloon money tips on the site that sports this pretty picture.  You can find it here: Sugar And Charm

How to give money in balloon.

Fill A Wallet:  Wouldn’t you just love to get a brand new wallet filled with money?  Me too. This is, of course, the easiest creative money gift idea around.  But I know you want to know how to do it. Well, just take a look at this ridiculous Minecraft wallet my mom is giving my brother for Christmas this year.  He is going to LOVE it and that 50 bucks is especially wonderful, don’t you think?  $57.99 out the door!

How To Give Money As A Gift

Money Tree: If your want to really surprise someone on Christmas morning with a financial gift, try a money tree.  Get a feather tree or a mini-Christmas tree and pin money all over it.  Leave it in their room while they are sleeping on Christmas eve.  When they wake up they will be so excited to receive a money tree just for them. Money Tree


Use dollars to wrap your gift:  Wrapping a small box in dollar bills is a fun and creative way to give money this Christmas.  The box can be empty and nobody will care.  They will just love getting the money. It is easy because you already know how to wrap a present! Wrap your gift in money.


So, it is getting down to the wire and Christmas is just around the corner. Is your Christmas shopping done? If not, no need to fret. Now you know how to give money in style. Just use one of our 10 creative ways to give cash and make someone’s Christmas very merry.

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