Justin Bieber and our Surprise Concert Tickets

Justin Bieber and our Surprise Concert Tickets

Justin Bieber Concert Ticket Surprise

Taylor Swift, wait no I mean Hannah Montana?  I didn’t know what famous singers were coming to our town but we kept throwing out names.  Holly and I were trying to guess famous singers because our Moms wanted us to guess which concert they bought tickets to as a surprise for us. They finally gave us a hint, “a really cute boy with wavy hair”.  I screamed (literally) JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!! Holly thought it was The Jonas Brothers.  I knew it must be Justin Bieber because our Moms smiled really big when I said it.  It was a good thing they did not give us much notice before the concert because we would have talked about it non stop until the day of the Justin Bieber concert arrived. It was in the summer of 2010 and we were both simply freaking out we were so excited!

Justin Bieber

The Day of the Justin Bieber Concert

When the day of the concert came I made two posters, one for Holly and one for me.  I wrote the names of his songs on our poster and I was so excited about creating them that I misspelled his name (oops!).  It was time to get on our way and there was no time to correct them :(.  I decided that since I did not have a JB Shirt then I would just wear his fav color PURPLE!  When Holly came over to our house before the concert she wanted to wear purple too so we quickly found a shirt in my closet for her.  After that, we “finally” left for dinner.  It was still 1 hour and 30 minutes  until we could go wait in line.  Our Dads took us out to a local fish & chip favorite on the waterfront near our home before the concert.  Then, they would drop our Moms and us off at the line so we did not have to figure out where to park.  Dinner was delish and we talked non stop (surprise!) about how we would react if we were chosen to be the “One Less Lonely Girl” at the Justin Bieber concert.  Holly said she would simply SCREAM and I said I would be so happy I would make the biggest smile ever!


When we finally got to the Justin Bieber concert we had to wait in line for only about 30 minutes or so but it sure seemed like 3 hours.  We were very excited to be able to hold our signs up when Justin Bieber got on the stage but they took our signs away when we went through the security line.  In fact, they took everyone’s signs away.  We were bummed but I guess they didn’t want anyone getting poked in the eye or throwing them onto the stage.  We were grateful just to be heading into the Justin Bieber concert! Thinking back I would make them all over again (with the correct spelling of course) because it was sure a fun way to pass the time.   Back to the Justin Bieber concert…..Finally we arrived at our seats and waited for the concert to start.  There were three opening acts; the first act was a group I have never heard of and really can’t remember (sorry to whoever you were).  Second was Jessica and she is a very good singer and we both enjoyed her songs.  Last was Sean Kingston and I just love his voice too (hint hint hint). Right before Justin Bieber came on stage there was a really cool video promotion of the the Xbox.  He was playing it with his dancers and they did a cool thing he had to unzip on the screen which started the Countdown to the Justin Bieber Concert!


When the countdown began I just remember all of the lights going off and it was awesome.

Justin Bieber Concert Staging

His first song was the song “Love Me” (yes, I remembered).

Justin Bieber in Concert

I loved all of the dance moves and videos between songs.  During the time he needed to change clothes they put his home movies on.  They were are all just so adorable. Both my Mom and Holly’s Mom were really impressed and said he had natural talent with music.  I just thought they were so cute and fun to watch.  His concert was simply amazing and it was pretty long too.  There was one part where he was over the audience in a huge heart and singing only with his acoustic guitar.

Justin Bieber with his acoustic guitar

That really got the screaming going!

Justin Bieber Concert Fans

Why Earplugs are a good gift to give with Justin Bieber Concert Tickets

Earplugs are a good gift to receive with Justin Bieber concert tickets!  I really had no idea my ears would be so sensitive and I thought I would not be able to stay in the concert.  In fact, I was pretty much in tears because the screams were so loud in the arena.  My Mom took me out of the concert and we went in search of ear plugs.  I was really scared I would not be able to go back into the concert.  Thankfully they sold them at the concert!  In fact, Mom bought all four of us ear plugs. Those earplugs were amazing because when we put them in we were able to hear the words to the concert and it drowned out the screams.  I would highly recommend bringing ear plugs to any concert to have them just in case the crowd goes wild with screams.

Justin Bieber and earplugs


At what seemed like the end of the concert, about 11:00 pm, every body started screaming the words BABY BABY BABY BABY BABY BABY. Justin Bieber hadn’t sung that song yet and we all just knew he would come back on stage and sing it.  Just then, Justin and his dancers came out and started to sing “Rock a Bye Baby” to throw us off.   Then, they started to sing his song Baby and the crowd went wild with screaming!

Justin Bieber Concert


At the end of the concert my Mom bought me a Justin Bieber poster and it hung on the wall in my room for a couple of years.

Justin Bieber Concert Poster

I would so love to have this poster in my room!

Justin Bieber Concert Poster

Not all of my girlfriends are fans of Justin Bieber and that’s okay with me.  That is what is great about girlfriends, we don’t always have to love the same things but we learn about new things from each other.  From the first CD I received and through his most recent songs I believe I will always be a fan of Justin Bieber.  Who is your fav singer?  

From the first CD I received and through his most recent songs I believe I will always be a fan of Justin Bieber. Who is your fave singer?

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2 Responses to Justin Bieber and our Surprise Concert Tickets

  1. Esther says:

    love you justin and i well be you believer i wish one time you surpris me or go with me out like having fun that is the thing i like to do havig fun i hope that you are having a good believe tour.love from esther

  2. Jeanne says:

    As a Mom I do highly recommend a Justin Bieber concert. I did not expect to enjoy myself as much as I did. And, it was really fun seeing our girls so excited!

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