Magnetic Burlap Bulletin Board Craft Tutorial

Magnetic Burlap Bulletin Board Craft Tutorial

Easy To Make Magnetic Bulletin Board Craft

Make your own magnetic bulletin board with this easy craft. Supplies are found at any craft store.  We used burlap and a rustic wood frame for our magnetic bulletin board but you can use any kind of fabric you like and any color of frame.  You can even upcycle a frame you already have and paint it a color to match your room.  Use a brightly colored fabric or one with a pattern on it.  Thinner fabrics do work better on this project so the magnets will hold better.  I use a heavy duty magnet also.  You can glue flowers to your magnets or buttons too.  So cute, no matter what you choose.  That is just what I love about a project like this.  You can make it your own to match your own space and personality.

Magnetic Burlap Bulletin Board Craft Supplies

Magnetic Bulletin Board

1. 12 Inch Square Frame

2. 12 Inch Metal Panel

3. 1/2  Yard of Burlap or fabric of your choice.

4.  Glue Gun.

5. Glue Spray Adhesive

6.  Heavy Duty Magnets

7. Flowers or decorations for your frame or your magnets.


Magnetic Burlap Bulletin Board Craft Directions

1. Spray the metal panel with spray glue adhesive .

Burlap Magnetic Board

2. Cut the fabric out so that it is 14 inches square.  This will allow a 1 inch edge to wrap around your metal panel. You can do this step before spraying the panel with glue if you want.  It makes it a bit easier.

Magnetic Burlap Bulletin Board


3.Wrap the edges of the fabric around the metal panel and glue the underside of the edge to the back of the panel.

Magnet Burlap Bulletin Board Craft

While wrapping your burlap or fabric edges fold the corners up and tuck the sides underneath for a clean corner.  You can trim away some of the extra fabric if you want to, I did not.  I just tucked the extra fabric underneath the fold so that it was neat.

Burlap Magnetic Board


3. Place the fabric wrapped magnetic panel into the frame.  Glue the panel into place with a strip of glue from your glue gun around it where the panel meets the frame.  You can tape the panel in using masking tape if you choose also.  Some frames come with backs on them and you can just put the back into place. Barnwood Burlap Bullitin Board


4.  Add your magnets to your board and start hanging your photos, calendars, and momentoes onto your board.  So fun and cute and easy!

Burlap Bulletin Board Ideas


This project took about 15 minutes from start to finish.  It is a great project to do at a sleepover, a party, or a craft day with your friends. Use your magentic bulletin board to post all of your goals, your dreams, or you daily calendar.  However you choose to use this handy project is up to you.  There is one thing I can guarantee ya….it will be what you want it to be and a reflection of who you are.  That makes it a special thing.  We would love to see a pic if you make your own.  I hope you enjoy our personal magnetic burlap bulletin board craft tutorial.

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