Make an Easy 3D Photo Collage – a 3 Minute Project

Make an Easy 3D Photo Collage – a 3 Minute Project

3 Minutes of Your Time is All You Need To Make A Beautiful 3D Photo Frame

Make a change to your room decor in 3 minutes flat.  Our tutorial for this easy 3D photo collage project could have your changing every room in your house!  This project is so easy to make it only takes a few minutes.  I love a project that allows me to revamp my space in a matter of minutes.  Plus, the entire project cost me less than 15.00. These are the reasons I love this project so much:

  • It is easy to make.
  • It is personal and easy to personalize.
  • It looks fantastic and professional
  • It is inexpensive wall decor.
  • You can design it using any colors you want to match your space.
  • You can change the background mat easily any time you want.
  • You can change-up your room in no time flat.

So grab some supplies and let’s make an easy 3D photo collage together.  I’ll race ya!

3D Photo Collage Project

Supplies To Make Your Easy 3D Photo Frame:

  • 1 large 12×12 frame
  • 1 small 5×5 frame
  • 1 12×12 piece of scrapbook paper that matches your room decor
  • Glue Gun
  • A great photo of you, your BFF, or your family.  Any meaningful photo you can crop to a 5×5 size is perfect!
  • Paper trimmer or scissors to crop your photo.

Photo collage supplies

Directions For Your Easy To Make Collage:

1.  Take the back off the large frame.

2.  Place your 12×12 scrapbook paper in the frame and put the back in place again.

Make a 3d Photo Collage

3.  Crop your photo and put it in the 5×5 frame.

4. Put the back on the 5×5 frame again.

5. If you have a photo stand on the back of your small frame, remove it.

Make a 3d Photo Collage

6. Place your 5×5 photo directly on top of the glass of the 12 x12 frame.

7.  Measure all sides to make sure your 5×5 frame is centered exactly in the middle of your frame.

8. Place a couple of pen marks at the corner of your 5×5 frame so you know exactly where to position is on the glass.  You can use tape for this as well but pen does wipe right off.

Make a 3d Photo Collage

9. Use your glue gun to add a strip of glue to all four edges of the back of your 5×5 frame.

Make a 3d Photo Collage

10.  Place the 5×5 frame with the glued edges directly on the 12×12 glass. Position it with the markings you made and then wipe them clean.

Make a 3d Photo Collage

Note:  It is easy to change the background paper any time you want.  To change your photograph just take a dinner knife and slide it between the 12×12 glass and 5×5 frame and it will pop off with a little muscle.  Change the picture and then re-glue it following the directions above.

Make a 3d Photo Collage

There you have it!  An easy 3 minute project that will personalize your space.  It is beautiful!  It is trendy!  It is eye candy for your teen room or any room of your house. Plus, I have your back because this 3d project is also a fantastic and meaningful gift for your BFF, your sweetheart on Valentines day, or your mom for Mothers Day! You can hang your 3D photo collage on your wall or you can set it on a shelf.  It is your own personal space so you can put it anywhere you like!


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  1. kindredlive says:

    That is so cute! I can’t wait to try it in our house and this is such a great way to personalize your space. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Grace says:

    Thats such a cute and easy idea!!!! definitely going to be going up in my room!:)

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