My Experience With Getting Braces Put On

My Experience With Getting Braces Put On

My experience with getting braces put on started when I was 5 years old.  Yeah, I was just 5 when I first asked my mom to get braces. I know that sounds crazy but when my teeth came in they were horribly crooked. My mom said I would have to wait until I was older and the rest of my teeth grew in.  I continued to ask her every year until I was 11.  Finally, she said it was time to start thinking about getting braces. That was the beginning of my experience with getting braces put on.

My Experience With Getting Braces Put on

I know most kids don’t want to get braces.  I can understand that but, I have to admit, I really wanted braces badly.  I do not like my teeth.  They are big and they stick out like a rabbit. They were just so crooked and crowded. My experience was that  I never wanted to smile during pictures and was very self-conscious of my teeth, especially when meeting new kids. So, I was super excited when my mom made an appointment with a orthodontist.

getting braces put on

So many colors of rubber bands to choose from. These are like jewelry for my braces. For me? Orange and KindredLive Pink!

Before I knew it the day came to get my braces on.  I was giddy with excitement, but nervous too.  My friends had told me that braces could hurt especially after you first get them on.  Plus, I play the clarinet and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to play it very well any more.  There was a lot to be worried about getting braces put on.  But my experience with getting braces put on was really easy and painless.

What You Can Expect When Getting Braces Put On

The whole process was interesting.  At first they put cheek stickers on my cheeks. Then they put this big red thing in my mouth to hold it open.

My experience getting braces put on

After that they stuck this retainer type thing with the braces inside it in my mouth over my teeth.

They used a black light to mold it to my mouth, pealed the plastic off and it was done!  The braces were on.  My experience?  No big deal!

my experience getting braces put on

Next they put the wire trough and twisted the color ties on.  The color ties are rubber bands and I love it that you can choose your colors.  I chose bright KindredLive pink and my current favorite color bright orange.

Preparing my teeth for braces.

Finally my braces were in place and I got to look in the mirror and see my braces for the very first time.  I smiled wide and there they were in all their glory.  Bright shiny braces with stylin’ pink and orange accents.   I couldn’t stop smiling or laughing.  I couldn’t believe that I finally had braces after wanting them for over half of my life.  Hey, they didn’t hurt at all (yet) either.  My experience was pain-free and I thought it was fun and interesting.

My experience getting braces on

So now I have railroad tracks.  I’m a brace face, metal mouth, and tinsel teeth.  But it doesn’t matter to me what you call me, I love my braces.  I know that someday I am going to have straight beautiful teeth.

Three Bad Things About Braces

1. There are a few bad things about getting braces put on. The worst thing it the braces cut your cheeks and the inside of your lips.  You use wax to heal it. Just take a piece of wax and stick it to your braces and it will protect your skin from getting cut.  You can buy the wax at the grocery store in the dental aisle or get some from your orthodontist.

2. My teeth did get a little bit sore the day after I had them put on but it wasn’t bad.  The soreness really only lasted a day or two.

3. There are some things you can’t eat like chips and apples.  Anything that will cause your braces to break you can’t eat.  Check our cool stuff section for a list of things you can’t eat when you have braces on.

After about an hour you get used to having braces. But I do forget what it feels like to have smooth teeth. But I am so happy to have braces and my teeth are getting straighter already!

Me and my dad with my new braces on

Me and my dad!

Do you have braces?  Was my experience getting braces on similar to yours?

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9 Responses to My Experience With Getting Braces Put On

  1. Jeanne says:

    Great article Holly! And, thank you for letting your Mom take and post these photos. It really shows what it takes to get braces put on and takes the fear out of the process. Way to go!

  2. Lisa says:

    Good for you Holly! I love how you see all the really great positive things that come with getting braces.

  3. Katelyn says:

    thanks that really makes me feel better about getting braces i am getting them in a few weeks

    • kindredlive says:

      Good luck getting your braces on Katelyn. They aren’t so bad and in some ways they are kind of fun! Just be sure you have some stuff like applesauce and ice cream in the house for when you first get them on.

  4. fayyad says:

    This was well said and now after a read this I’m nomore nervous

  5. Curshauna says:

    You make me want them so bad even though I don’t have crooked teeth. My dentist said I have perfectly straight teeth and fangs. I just have a little overbite but not buckteeth. :)

    • kindredlive says:

      Well braces can fix an over bite too but you should be thankful you have such perfect and beautiful teeth. Even though braces haven’t bothered me that much they still are a bit of a pain. I just got rubber bands and they do hurt more than just getting my braces tightened, which did not hurt me that much. Also, I play the clarinet and I am constantly cutting my lip with my braces when I play. Plus, there are some good foods you can’t eat with braces, like popcorn or caramels.

      I am getting my braces off soon…maybe even before school starts. Truthfully, I can’ wait to get them off…

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