Photo Display Craft – Make Wall Art From A Shabby Window Frame

Photo Display Craft – Make Wall Art From A Shabby Window Frame

Display Your Favorite Photo On A Shabby Window Frame For Some Pretty Wall Art

A photo display adds a lot of meaning to your room or space.  An easy to make craft like this one can really spruce up your walls, add warmth to your room, and express you love for the people in your life.   This wall art craft made from a shabby window frame can be easily personalized to your wall or accent colors. I am actually making mine for a hall in our house and am using a golden color to match our walls.  Last summer we went to Canon Beach Oregon for a family vacation.  We took tons of pictures on the beach and they all have a golden tone from the sunshine.  So, I have chosen two of those photos for my photo display craft.  So, what do you say?  Shall we make some  shabby wall art?

Photo Display Craft

How to Make A Photo Display Craft From A Vintage Window

Photo Display Craft Wall Art Supplies:

  • Shabby Window Frame:  You can find these at antique stores or you can buy a replica (like I did) at your local craft store.  I bought mine at Craft Warehouse in Oregon and paid about $24 for it.
  • 2 Sheets of Matching Scrapbook Paper of your choice:  I chose a patterned paper that was made out of velvet.  I liked that look as it added more of a 3d appearance.  Cool.
  • 2 Small picture frames:  I used a backless frame that I found at Craft Warehouse.  They were about $5 each.  You can use a regular picture frame but just need to remove all the hardware off the back.
  • Painters tape
  • Dry erase Marker or pen.
  • Glue gun
  • 2 of your fave photographs
  • Windex and paper towels

Photo Display

Photo Display Craft Wall Art Directions:

1. Start by cleanning your window panes with windex and a paper towel.  Make sure there is no dust left on them anywhere.

2. Measure your window panes so that you know the exact size of the paper you need to cut.

3. Cut your paper using a paper trimmer so you can measure the exact size.  Get your mom to help you if you need to, it is tricky and I need help with this part too.

4. Place your paper in the back of the window, behind the glass and tape it down using painters tape.

How To Make A Photo Display

5.Next place the vinyl quote in the middle of your clear frame. Make sure it is centered perfectly before pressing it down into place.  When it is centered press your vinyl lettering into place and press firmly, rubbing all the letters.  Pay particular attention to the edges of the lettering.  You can use a dry cloth or scrape a firm board/utensil over the lettering if that works best for you.  Just make sure that all the letters are sticking to the glass.  Then slowly, slowly (did I say slowly?) Peel back the paper away from the vinyl letters pressing down on any letters that look like they might be lifting.  When you are done you should have a beautiful saying in the middle of your glass.  Cool, huh?

6. Remove all the hardware off the back of your smaller photo frame (we used a 4×6 size.

7. Next, tape your photograph into your cleaned, backless 4×6 frame the same way you taped your scrapbook paper to the back of the larger window pane.

8. Now, place your photo in the middle of the window pane, centering it.  Measure the distance between all the edges so you know it is exactly in the middle.  Mark the corners with dry erase marker or pen.  Do this for each window pane you are placing a photo in.

9. Remove your photograph and glue the back of the photo frame with a glue gun all along the edges.  Turn and place it on the glass lining it up with your markings you made with the dry erase marker in step 8.

How To Make A Photo Display

Note:  Don’t freak out (like I did) if you don’t get it exactly straight the first time.  Just peel it off with the sharp edge of a dinner knife, remove the old glue and start over again.  You will get it and your piece will look awesome!  Promise!

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Your shabby window photo display wall art is now ready to hang in your room.  You can put a bow or ribbon on the top of the hanger if you want to or add flowers or other stuff to the frame. I like mine plain and have left it that way but this is your project and you can do it any way you like.  speaking of this being your project, the great thing is that you can put any style paper you like behind your glass.  Plus since you used painters tape it is super easy to change it whenever you want. See how I just changed the paper in the background for many different looks? Shabby Photo Display

I hope you like this photo display craft tutorial. Making art for my wall is one of my favorite things to do. This easy to make craft is a fantastic way to display your favorite photos on your wall.

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