Pretty Transportation for Valentine’s Day – Inspired Bicycle Fashion

Pretty Transportation for Valentine’s Day – Inspired Bicycle Fashion

A Pretty Bicycle Built For Two is Truly Inspired Transportation For Valentine’s Day

Pretty Bicycles are on my mind.  Maybe it is the 18 degree weather outside that inspires me to sift through the pretty transportation pictures on Pinterest today.  Or maybe it is Valentine’s Day that inspires me to pine for a bicycle built for two.  Possibly it is the sad falling from grace of one of my most treasured heroes.  He shall remain nameless because I am mad at him but he has a seriously cool bike and he used to wear yellow.  Maybe you know who I mean.  Anyway, whatever the reason. I am thinking about getting a new set of wheels and I would love to have a tandem bicycle to share with my BFF or someday someone special.  Maybe you will feel inspired by some pretty transportation too, in honor of valentine’s day or for whatever reason you find in your heart.

Pretty Transportation Bicycle Fashion Photos


Pretty Bicycles

Pretty red and yellow cruisers with cute baskets to fill with goodies. Yes, a picnic on the beach makes for a perfect day. How can you not be inspired with this pretty transportation photograph. Photo credit here.

Pretty Bicycle Built For Two

Having a pretty basket on the front of your bike is not only romantic and beautiful it is handy.  I am kinda thinking about that picnic again.  Pack all of your goodies in your basket and jet off the park.  This pretty red two-seater is high fashion and pretty transportation if you ask me.  These are a set of wheels I would love to take with me wherever I go. Photo Credit

Pretty Bicycle Built for Two

Is there anything prettier than this bright yellow two-seater with a matching dress and a sunny day.  This bicycle photo just screams spring! On this 18 degree day it has me seriously inspired and pining for warmer days to come. I also wanted to be sure and give you a little romance for Valentines Day.

Pretty Pink Bikes

Not exactly a two-seater but definitely fits into our Valentines Day celebration.  Pretty Pink for her, metallic grey for him.  Ahhhh.  looks like Ireland to me.  I have never been to Ireland of course but it just looks like this could be Ireland.  I definitely want to go to Ireland and rise a pretty cruiser like these. Photo Credit


I love the vintage look of this bike and the pretty robins egg blue seats. I can see Megan and I cruising all over the hood in high fashion on this bike for transportation! This bike is cool!  Photo Credit

Pretty Pink Floral Bike

Maybe Lance should ride this pretty racing bike around the block a few times. Oops, I said his name! Does that mean I have forgiven him? Nope! Photo Credit (A totally fun Tumblr blog)

Pretty Pink Bike

A pretty pink seated bicycle looks like some fun transportation to me!  Hey, this seat is in Kindred colors, not to mention Valentine’s day colors.  Photo Credit

valentines day bicycle for two

Sigh….I love those pretty yellow shoes…   Photo Credit

Pretty Tandem 1964 Bike
This looks like me and Megan (totally not!) if we lived in 1964!

I hope you enjoyed our pretty transportation for Valentine’s Day expose’!  All of these inspired fashion bicycle photos can be found on our Pinterest boards plus many more.  Please visit the amazing sites we linked to with the photo credit, there is much more to see on those sites as well.  Bicycling is great transportation that is even better when you are riding a fashionable, pretty bike.  Add a friend on the back for even more fun.  But on Valentine’s day, is there really anything more romantic than a bicycle built for two?  I think yes, a bicycle built for two in the summer is definitely more romantic.


(Feature image Photo Credit, a beautiful place to visit)


Happy Valentine’s day but think spring!

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