Reading: It wasn’t always so easy for me…

Reading: It wasn’t always so easy for me…

Do you love reading? For a long time I didn’t enjoy reading at all.

I sure do love reading now!  A few years ago though I struggled to read.  It was just not fun at all because I had a lot of trouble keeping my eyes on the same line in the book.  It was hard to tell my parents why I didn’t like to read though and I know they were getting kind of frustrated.  I really didn’t know why I couldn’t read better and I sure could not explain it to my parents. My friends were all reading harder books than me too and I was embarassed that I couldn’t read them.

Summer Reading Program

In order to get me extra reading help my parents put me in a reading class in the summertime between 2nd & 3rd grades.  I really wasn’t excited about going to summer school but I found out that it really wasn’t that bad.  We did a lot of reading work and one of my reading teachers noticed that my eyes jumped as I was reading. She called my parents and suggested that I go get my eyes tested.  Not at a regular eye doctor but at a Vision Therapist.  What does that mean?  Well, we found out. Check out this cool video my Mom found about Vision Therapy.

Vision Therapy

We went to a specialist and it was kind of scary before we got there.  I really didn’t know what they would do to my eyes.  But, the tests were pretty cool!  They did stuff like have me look into weird computer screens and try to follow the dots.   They had me read and watched my eyes and there were lots of other tests too.  The Vision Therapist told my parents that I could not “track”.  I thought “what the heck did that mean”?  Deep down I was really worried that I was just not very smart. Why, well it was because the words that were suposed to be easy, like “a”, “and” & “the” were really hard for me.  It felt like I could not even read them in different paragraphs. They just looked really different each time I saw them.

Vision therapy appointments

So, we started with therapy appointments each week.  I spent about an hour with the therapists and then they sent me home with “homework”.  It was pretty fun, really it was just exercises to make my eye muscles strong and help them work together.  And, I got to pick out glasses! I was super excited!

reading glasses

Check out these super cute eyeglasses!

My glasses had bifocals on the bottom and nothing on top.  I could see easy enough but these glasses trained my eyes.  How did that work?  Well, when I looked from the teacher’s white board and then back to the papers on my desk it was like exercises for my eyes.  Plus, have you noticed how many kids wear glasses now?  I think that is great!  Plus, they are such a cool accessory.

Reading is pretty easy now!

Did I say that I love to read?  Well, after I completed my Vision Therapy appointments and eye muscle homework my eyes were working together pretty well. But I was kind of sad that I did not have to wear glasses anymore. The best part is that now, I love to pick up a book or read one on my Kindle. Oh, and my Mom has talked about this to lots of parents when they mention their child just doesn’t like to read.  I know three or four kids that this has helped too!  Show your parents this blog if you think you may need Vision Therapy and get ready to love to read!


I just started reading SCHOOL OF FEAR: Class is NOT Dismissed! Here is my book review on the first in the series.  What is your favorite book?

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