Recipe for Quick and Easy Tailgate Sandwiches

Recipe for Quick and Easy Tailgate Sandwiches

This is a super easy recipe for Quick and Easy Hot Tailgate Sandwiches filled with Meat & Cheese

A swim team girlfriend came over for New Year’s Eve and we planned to make this Quick & Easy Hot Rolls recipe for our dinner. We wanted to cook something simple because we had lots of fun planned for our evening. One thing for sure was polishing our nails with my new gel nails kit and watching the 2012 Ball Drop in Times Square! We did both of those and much more.  Well, we had so much fun we forgot to take the rolls out of the freezer so I made them myself another day.  They are quick and easy to make if you make sure the rolls are thawed!

Tailgate Sandwich Recipe

Three Main Ingredients for this Hot Rolls Recipe

Check out the three main ingredient categories to this recipe for hot rolls and use as little or as many in the ingredient categories. Really you can use any ingredients you like.  I kept it simple and piled it on in our recipe!

Rhodes Rolls (or any individually portioned frozen bread dough)

Deli Meats  – we used turkey, ham & salami

Deli Cheese – we used cheddar, swiss & gruyer

Butter or Olive Oil (or cooking spray)

Recipe Directions

Take the frozen bread dough out of the freezer and let it thaw for the length of time it says on the package directions.  First, we greased a pyrex dish with butter.  You can also use olive oil or cooking spray.  Then, we placed our individually portioned bread dough in a greased pyrex dish.  We melted some butter and covered the top of the frozen dough.

KL Cooking Tip:  Always cover butter when you melt it in the microwave or it might splatter everywhere!

The melted butter will keep the dough from sticking to the plastic wrap.  Then, cover loosly with plastic wrap on top, set it on a towel and then covered it with a towel.  This will help to keep the warmth in so the bread will rise.  Set it on your counter, preferably in a warm location, to allow the dough to rise.

Recipe for Quick and Easy Tailgate Sandwiches

We let it thaw and rise for 5 hours. And make sure your dog doesn’t get the rising bread dough!  Okay, that’s another blog post for sure!

Recipe for Quick and Easy Tailgate Sandwiches 2

This recipe takes planning ahead to make sure you have enough time for the dough to rise.


Next roll out the dough on a cutting board.

Tailgate Sandwich

Then, alternate layers with the meet & cheese of your choice.

Tailgate sandwich1

Fold the dough over to seal the edges.

Tailgate sandwich Recipe

Put them on greased cookie sheets – sealed edges down. I like to brush the top of the bread dough with butter or olive oil to help it turn a beautiful golden brown. You could even use beaten egg whites or yolks.

Tailgate sandwich3

Wow – they are ready for the oven!

// Tailgate sandwich4

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 – 30 minutes.  Remove from the oven and cool a little while before eating.  They will be really hot inside and the cheese will be melted goodness.

  Tailgate sandwich recipe

Serve this with fresh fruit for a super easy & delish recipe lunch or dinner. Don’t forget a desert recipe!



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