Recipe for Valentine Conversation Heart Cupcakes

Recipe for Valentine Conversation Heart Cupcakes

Conversation Heart Cupcake Recipe

On my last birthday I received a very fun cookbook, Sugarlicious by Meaghan Mountford. I have so much fun looking through this book!  It may be because of all of the fun fondant ideas or because the author’s name is the same as mine (she spells her first name differently, mine is Megan and hers is Meaghan).  Either way, it’s a really great cookbook with a recipe for many clever treats.

Recipe for Conversation Heart Cupcakes at KindredLive

Cake, Frosting & Fondant Recipe

You will need a recipe for each of the following three items : Cake, Frosting & Fondant to make these yummy and cute Conversation Heart Cupcakes. I simply made a boxed receipe for Red Velvet Cake and it made 24 cupcakes.  If you are serving a classroom you might want to make two boxes to have enough for all of your friends.The best and easiest frosting recipe can be found on the back of a powdered sugar box or bag.  Powdered sugar is also known as “confectioners sugar”.

Now, for the Fondant Recipe

You could make it from scratch OR you can use the store bought kind which is really easy and quick.  And it comes in several different colors.  I purchased both White and Pink.  Then, I used food coloring in the White Fondant to make the colors I wanted. You can find this at craft stores or in your grocery store.

Conversation Heart Cupcake Recipe at KindredLive Other Supplies you will need for your Conversation Heart Cupcake Recipe

1 1/2″ Heart Cookie Cutter

Rolling Pin

Food Coloring

Waxed Paper

Cupcake Liners & Pan

Decorating Bag w/tools

Edible Writers

Powdered Sugar

 How I made my Conversation Heart Cupcakes

Okay, let’s get started! FIrst of course, I made the cupcakes.  Just follow the directions on the package and you’ll be fine.  Then, while they were cooling I made buttercream frosting. After letting them cool completely I put the frosting in a decorator bag with a fancy tip and frosted away.  You an do this any way that makes you smile! Now for the Fondant Recipe. Spread a generous amount of powdered sugar (don’t use flour) on a cutting board.  With the pre-made Fondant you simply cut off a piece and flatten it a little with your hand.  Then, put it on the powdered sugar and start rolling.  You can purchase a Fondant rolling pin but we just used a pretty light one so it would be easier to roll evenly. We have a marble rolling pin but that could roll it too thin.  I also placed a few drops of food coloring in the fondant to make it pretty.  Start with just a little and ply it with your hands. Don’t worry, it should all wash off of your hands.  You can always put more food coloring in but you can’t take it out.  Now, cut the heart shapes and place them on waxed paper.  Aren’t they cutte!

Recipe for Sugarlicious Conversation Heart Cupcakes at Kindredlive 4

In the Sugarlicious Cookbook they actually used mini letter rubber stamps and used the edible writers to color the stamps before they placed it on the Fondant.  I didn’t have any rubber stamps so I just used the edible writers.  What I should have done though is let the hearts harden for several hours.  I still think they look pretty sure.  After you are done decorating your hearts simply place them on top of the cupcakes.

KL Cooking Tip:  Make the Conversation Hearts first, let them harden and decorate.  The frosting tends to harden a bit too so as soon as you frost the cupcakes you’ll want to place a heart directly on them so they adhere.

What are you waiting for?  Get decorating!

Recipe for Sugarlicious Conversation Heart Cupcakes at Kindredlive 5

These Valentine Conversation Heart Cupcakes are perfect to give as gifts to your BFF or a Grandma & Grandpa.

Recipe for Sugarlicious Conversation Heart Cupcakes at Kindredlive 5

See how fun and easy our recipe for Valentine’s Day Conversation Heart Cupcakes is!


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