Santa DIY Christmas Gift Baskets Is Creative Giving

Santa DIY Christmas Gift Baskets Is Creative Giving

Make Your Own Gift Baskets This Chrismas with DIY Santa Gift Baskets

Santa is coming to town in these cute DIY Christmas gift baskets you can make yourself.  Creative giving ideas are part of the fun of Christmas giving. Making the holiday fun and special to the people you love just makes Christmas that much more fun.  DIY projects are also part of the season for us at KindredLive.com.  We especially love these cute Santa DIY Christmas Gift Baskets.  Tuck a special give covered in tissue paper or fill it with Christmas cookies.  Santa will love it if you leave a DIY Christmas basket filled with cookies that looks just like him.  Don’tcha think?

Santa DIY Christmas Gift Baskets

Santa DIY Christmas Baskets Supplies

Santa DIY Christmas Gift Basket

  • Christmas Red Acrylic Paint
  • Sponge Paint Brush
  • Basket (s)  in the size and shape of your choice.
  • Black Ribbon (cut to the width of your basket plus an inch)
  • Fabric glue or a glue gun
  • Buckle  (or button for a buckle)
  • White Fluffy Boa (optional)
  • Glue Gun

Sana DIY

Santa DIY Christmas Baskets Directions

Paint your basket with your sponge brush.  Cover it completely with your Christmas red paint. Santa DIY Christmas Gift

Allow paint to dry.

Thread the buckle onto the black ribbon. (Skip this step if you are using a button.  Just glue the button on the ribbon after the ribbon is on the basket)

Place the buckle in the middle of one side of the basket and glue it down with a glue gun. Christmas gift basket Santa Gift Basket Craft

Santa DIY

It looks cute just like this but we are going to add some white fluff.

Begin gluing the ribbon to the side of the basket until the ends meet and overlap. Trim any excess ribbon if you want.

If you have room on top, glue the white fluffy boa around the top of the basket.

DIY Christmas Gift Basket

Now you are ready to fill your basket with a Christmas gift or with Christmas cookies. This is such a cute way to give a gift.  I think your gift wrapping really shows that you care.  I know I love it when I receive a gift where the giver has done something special with the gift wrap.  It is like saying, “Hey, you are important.”  It is fun and it feels good. 

Santa DIY Gift Baskets

So if you are looking to really brighten up somebody’s Christmas, wrap their gift in one of these cute Santa DIY Gift Baskets.  It is just creative giving that sends a great message.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I could see this filled with delicious Christmas Cookies!

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