Say I Love You Valentine With A Candy Bouquet

Say I Love You Valentine With A Candy Bouquet

A Beautiful Bouquet of Candy Instead Of Roses Is A Great Way To Say I Love You

Maybe you don’t really want to say I love you to your Valentine.  But I bet you want to say “Hey, I think your cool!”.  This special candy bouquet made with simple easy to find ingredients is the perfect way to say I love you or just “I think your cool Valentine!”  A bouquet of candy is so much fun to receive and so easy to make.  This bouquet is a perfect gift for your valentine or just a special friend.  Maybe your mom or grandma might like it too.  I know my brother would love it but that is out of the question.  Anyway, I know everyone has someone in their life who would really appreciate a candy bouquet for Valentine’s Day.  Don’t you want to say I love you to one of them?

Say I Love You With A Candy Bouquet

Supplies Needed To Make A Valentine Candy Bouquet:

  • An old vase.  If you don’t have an old vase you can buy one at a craft store for about $4 or the dollar store for, well, a dollar!
  • 1 large bag of Chocolate hearts, Hershey’s kisses, red and white M&Ms’ or conversation hearts to fill the vase.
  • 5 12″ long skewers or wooden sticks
  • Clear packaging tape
  • 5 Small boxes of candies or candy bars.
  • Tissue paper or cellophane wrap.

Say I Love You Valentine

Directions To Make A Candy Bouquet:

1.  Fill the vase 3/4 of the way full with your bag(s)of candy.

2.  Tape the wooden skewers to the back of each box of candy or candy bar with clear packaging tape.

How To Say I Love You Valentine


Valentine Candy Bouquet

3.  Take one piece of tissue and or cellophane paper and twist it around its own skewer and tape around the base of the skewer.

4. Arrange each paper and cellophane pick in the vase like a flower arrangement.

5.  Stick the candy through the picks or around the picks.  Arrange the candy picks with some higher in the back and lower on the sides and int the front.

5. You can add a bow to the front if you want. Just tie a bow and tape it to another pick. Slide it in front of the candy “flowers”.

candy bouquet

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Now you are ready to say I love you or “Hey, I think you are cool!” to your valentine with this awesome candy bouquet.

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