School Teacher Gives Me Homework Over Christmas Break – Bah Humbug

School Teacher Gives Me Homework Over Christmas Break – Bah Humbug

Homework Over Christmas Break Was Not What I Expected From My Fave School Teacher

What kind of school teacher gives homework over Christmas break?  That is what I want to know!  Well, I will tell you what kind of school teacher gives homework over Christmas Break….my favorite kind! Bah Humbug?  No! My favorite school teacher gave us an optional homework assignment.  The homework is not required and he gave it to us just for fun.  Won’t he be surprised when I actually complete the assignment and turn it in when we go back to school after Christmas break!  Something tells me I will be the only one who does the project. My school teacher, we will call him Mr. Smith, is my favorite teacher so I did this for him.  His Christmas break assignment was just sort of fun and original and I couldn’t resist.

Mr. Smith gave us 31 words, one for each day in December.  Then he told us to write a story using each of the 31 words.  The words were crazy and sort of weird but fun too.  So, I bet you are just dying to hear what the 31 words are that my school teacher gave us to use, right?  Well I am going to tell you!  Here they are:

School Teacher Homework Blues

Mr. Smith’s Crazy Christmas Eve

T’ was Christmas Eve and Mr. Smith, my favorite school teacher, and his family were sitting by the fire eating candy canes. It was snowing and Mr. Smith’s little boy, Johnny,  was getting ready to go outside. Mr. Smith was on the computer going on Santatracker.com when he heard a knock on the door. Johnny ran to the door, full of laughter, thinking it was Santa and his elves. But it wasn’t. Instead Mr. Smith was shocked when he saw Rhianna, Lil Wayne, MJ, Snoop Dog, and last but not least the One Direction crew. There they all stood singing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. Johnny wasn’t happy! He wanted to see Santa standing in the door way, not some weird people singing. Then a massive gust of wind flew through their town and a blizzard began to storm, covering everything in snow. Without asking, the celebrities ran through the door way of the Smith house knocking Mr. Smith over. The lights went out when Mr. Smith fell. As Mr. Smith’s wife ran to get a lighter and some candles, Johnny started crying because he was afraid of the dark. Furthermore, Mr. Smith’s cat was running through the house and decided he didn’t like Rhianna’s bow with a little star on it in her hair. He crept up behind her and pounced on her head shredding her hair to pieces. The torn ribbon lay on the floor.

“Ugh! I got that from the fair!” Rhianna said unhappily.

Everyone was silent.

“Can I get some ice?” Rhianna’s said whimpering.

Everybody ignored her.  In the mean time Harry from One Direction started naming the Christmas decorations in Mr. Smith’s house. “The Christmas tree, presents, the angel, a wreath, and the ornaments”, he said confidently.

As Mr. Smith was calling for help on his iPhone, Johnny was rocking out to some One Direction on the MP3 player. Mr. Smith’s phone died and he was left with nothing. Mrs. Smith came to calm him down when they realized they were under the mistletoe, so they kissed. Johnny cried out, “mommy, daddy ewe!”

They all laughed and had a happy ever after.

The End

So, there is my silly story that I threw together for my favorite school  teacher, Mr. Smith.  He might be the only teacher in the world who would give a homework assignment over Christmas break.  I am probably the only student in the world who would actually do the homework.  It is a lot harder than it sounds, by the way, to write a story using 31 pre-determined words. Why don’t you give my homework assignment a try.  Have fun with it and then turn it in to a school teacher who might appreciate your efforts.  After you finish your homework assignment, have a fantastic Christmas break!  Merry Christmas!

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  1. Jeanne says:

    That is an awesome story Holly! Your teacher will be very proud of your efforts.

  2. Katelyn Tidwell says:

    that was a very interesting story i know just how you feel my teacher gave me homework over our Christmas break

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