Organizing is a Great KL Boredom Breaker

Organizing is a Great KL Boredom Breaker

Organizing is FUN

I know it sounds crazy.  You are probably wondering how organizing can be fun?  Well, it just depends on how you go about it.  If you think about painting a picture you start with a blank canvas and design from there.  So that’s how I try to think about organizing my closet & drawers.  I take absolutely everything out and go from there.  Starting from scratch to put everything where I want it to be. And I love to listen to music in the process.  My choice right now is Taylor Swift.

So, if you are bored and have absolutely nothing to do?  Or, if you just cannot find the specific clothes you  know you have and want to wear?  Crank up the music & get organizing!


When you start the organizing project, you do need to be ready for your room to look like a tornado hit it!  And it certainly will if you follow my tips on organizing your closet & drawers. But soon the storm will turn into calm and you will be able to find everything you need at a moments notice.  Ahhhhhh……So, what’s stopping you?  Get organizing!

Organizing tips by Kindredlive.jpg


1.  Take everything out of your closet & drawers.

2.  Separate into piles by item type.  T-shirts, sweats, shirts, pants, sports, pj’s, etc. You may want to have your nicer clothes in a separate pile. You can make as many piles as you need.  I’ve got lots of piles!

3.  Fold all the clothes that you don’t want hanging up. Just remember, everything you fold may end up with creases in them from being folded.

Organizing your closet by Kindredlive 3

4.  Put your nice clothes on the hangers. If you have lots of hanging space its nice to be able to hang all of your t-shirts as well as your dresses, skirts and nice blouses.

Organizing your closet by Kindredlive.com

5.  Now to organize your incidentals and accessories.   I put my tights in a bag and hang it with the dresses and skirts. That way they stay organized and don’t get lost in my drawers.

6. Match your socks to each other, fold them together and then place them in a container within a drawer.
7. Organize your clothes by season.  Put the clothes that are meant for the current season in the front or your closet or drawers.

In a nutshell here are our tips on organizing in one photograph.

Organizing for KindredLive Spring Cleaning Tips


You can organize your drawers so it make the most sense to you.  I organize mine like this:

On the bottom draw of my dresser I put my shorts and shirts I don’t wear a lot.

In the second draw from the bottom I put my jeans and workout clothes for acrobatics.

For the third draw I put my pj’s and and undergarments.

In the last draw I have my scarfs and school colored garments.  They are available in a moments notice if we have a school activity.


In my room there is a place for everything.  My organizing and space saving idea includes putting boxes above your hung clothes in the closet. You can put extra blankets, books, bags and other things in the boxes when you are not using them.  Don’t forget to label the boxes so you remember what is in them.
After you are done organizing you will have lots of time to decorate your room!
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