The Final SPLASH on ABC TV

The Final SPLASH on ABC TV

SPLASH and the Final Celebrity Dives

This has been a very exciting season and I sure hope they continue SPLASH Celebrity Dive Competitions.  It has been really fun learning how hard the celebrities work to learn the dives.  They are not just pretty faces!  The contestants went through some really hard challenges and faced their fears. Some even had to give up the diving due to injuries that happened in practice. wait, maybe now I want to be a synchronized swimmer!  That is simply beautiful! I wonder who will win the SPLASH Competition and become the King or Queen of SPLASH!

kindred live splash review 2

The Original SPLASH Celebrity Divers

Let’s start at the beginning, there were 10 original contestants of which one never even got to dive due to an injury. It’s fun to see all of the original SPLASH divers back here and here they are!

Louis Anderson | Keisha Knight Pulliam | Rory Bushfield | Nicole Eggert | Greg Lougainis (Coach) | Ndamukong Sun | Chuy Bravo (replaced by Brandi Chastain) | Drake Bell | Kareem Abdul-Jabar  | Katherine Webb | Kendra Wilkinson

Splash Celebrity Dive Competition with Rory Bushfield, Nicole Eggert and Drake Bell competing for the final Splash

In The Final Splash

Now we’re down to the last three celebrities:  Drake Bell, Rory Bushfield & Nicole Eggert.   I am rooting for all three of them of course but my favorite is Drake.  Why, you ask? Well, because he seems like a natural diver and he works really really hard.  They all actually work very hard but I grew up watching Drake Bell on “Drake & Josh” on Nickelodeon.  It was one funny show! So, that’s really why I am rooting for Drake Bell to win the SPLASH Celebrity Dive Competition.  Here they go!

SPLASH Celebrities and Professional Divers Show Off

Let’s hear it for NICOLE EGGERT

SPLASH Finale Nicole Eggert with divers

 Next up is DRAKE BELL

SPLASH Drake Bell Finale with divers


KindredLive SPLASH Celebrity Dive SHow with Rory Bushfield

The SPLASH Celebrity Dives Are ON

Drake Bell

Drake thinks he is the best diver on the show and now is the time for him to prove it to himself.  He doesn’t have his black eye anymore and can see what he is going to dive.  Drake chose an Inward Double Somersault…here he goes……he’s asking everyone to cheer him on as he dives!  He nails the dive but the entrance is kind of floppy.  He chose a hard dive going toward the board!  Oh and his jammers are pretty “splashy”!

Judges Score = 7 + 7 = 7

SPLASH Drake Bell Finale Dive

Nicole Eggert

She played a lifeguard on Baywatch and they are calling her a shark in the SPLASH pool!  First, I really do love her suit this week.  She’s had some great suits, the best of which was last week when she looked like Super Woman!  Nicole has chosen a Handstand Somersault Dive.  Quiet……She is on the 23 feet platform, and it is beautiful!  A little over on the entry but pretty amazing!

Judges Score = 8.5 + 8.5 = 8.5
SPLASH Nicole Eggert Finale Dive

Rory Bushfield

Rory is amazing and doesn’t seem to be afraid of heights at all.  Of course not because he is an extreme skier.  And, he has the most awesome board shorts.  SPLASH could market those and sell out in an instant!  And how about that super cool head band that protects his ear drum.  Standing backward on the platform, Rory Bushfield does a Double Back Two Twist!  This was the hardest dive in the show.  I just bet we see him at the Olympics!

Judges Score = 9.5 + 9.0 = 9.25

SPLASH Rory Bushfield Finale Dive

The Winner of the Crystal SPLASH Trophy

Nicole and Rory are in the Dive Off between the two of them. Nicole is going off the 23 foot platform and has chosen the Double Back Flip!  Go big or go home she says…..Standing backwards on the platform with hands outstretched….WOW….she did great until she landed on her back.  She came up saying she hurt her back and needs help.  Oh my goodness I hope she’s okay.   Nicole got out of the pool on her own and has ice on her back.  She’s okay.

It’s Rory’s turn now to perform his final dive. He ruptured his eardrum during practice and cannot do any diving and practices totally on land.  He set a goal to win SPLASH and here he goes for his final dive…..Two Front Flip Inward Dive head first into the pool.  He is super crazy and inspired by his Angel wife Sara.  Shhhhhh…..Did I say his board shorts are super cool!  With a running start he nails the dive and comes up out of the water to a standing ovation.

And the winner of the Crystal SLASH trophy is….drumroll please…..RORY BUSHFIELD

WOW!  What a great season Finale that was. Thank you for tuning in for my SPLASH Celebrity Dive Competition review.  I hope you enjoyed it all and are excited for the next show. CHECK OUT MY SPLASH REVIEWS HERE SPLASH-Celebrity-Dive-Competition-Finale-with

See you next time on SPLASH Celebrity Dive Competition!

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