Upcycle An Old Vase For A Memorable Valentines Day Bouquet

Upcycle An Old Vase For A Memorable Valentines Day Bouquet

Create Something Memorable for Valentine’s Day – Upcycle An Old Vase

To upcycle something old just means to put a piece of useless junk to good use.  It is so fun when you upcycle something that also looks amazing in your home or room.  I am breathing new life into this ugly vase I picked up at a garage sale for 50 cents.  It is one of those old ugly florists vases but it has a good shape and I knew I could do something with it some day.  That day is today!  The timing is perfect because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  I have an idea for a very unique but beautiful and memorable Valentine’s Day bouquet.  I will give you a hint, there won’t be a rose in sight (it is winter, you know)!

Upcycle Something Ugly and Make It Memorable


Upcycled Vase Supplies

  • So, this is the easiest craft project in the world!  All you need is an old vase like this one.  Like I said, 50 cents at a garage sale.
  • A pile of thick rubber bands.  It is okay to have some smaller ones too but the thick ones do work best.
  • A can of Silver Mirror spray paint. We used Master Design Silver Premium Metallic Paint
  • Cardboard to paint on.

Upcycle Project

Upcycled Vase Directions.

Make sure your vase is clean.

Wrap the rubber bands around the vase making sure they don’t fold over but have the same flat edge over the entire vase.

Keep putting rubber bands on so that they overlap each other to make a striped design.

Take the rubber banded vase in the back yard and place it on the cardboard surface.

Hold your spray can 10-12 inches away from the vase and begin spray painting using sweeping back and forth movements.

Spray paint until the vase is covered and then let dry.  Paint a second coat if you think you think you need to.

Allow the paint to dry completely.

Remove the rubber bands to reveal something lovely.

ucpcycle project

What we learned along the way:

Well, some projects go perfectly smooth and some don’t.  I did run into a snafu or two along the way which I learned from.  It is an upcycle project so perfection isn’t necessary. Plus, my vase still turned out great as you can see but there are some things to watch out for:

1. Don’t paint the inside of your vase.  I tried to paint just the top inside of the vase.  The paint dripped down the inside causing streaking that showed through the areas where the rubber bands had been. Bummer.  But the vase was still beautiful and the un-trained eye would never be able to tell.  Just, don’t do that when you make your own.

2.  Don’t take your rubber bands off too early.  I took one of my rubber bands off before the paint was completely dry and it rubbed against the paint and left a mark. Too bad for me.

3.  Cut your rubber bands off, don’t pull them off over your paint. (see #2)

4. Bigger rubber bands work better than the smaller ones.  It is still good to use different sized bands but just make them bigger different sized bands.

5.  Less is more.  I didn’t think I had very many bands on my vase but found that I could have used less and I think it would have been better.   But, of course, that is personal opinion and you can put as many bands on as you want because this is your project.

Old Vase For Valentines Day

Learn how to make the Valentine’s Day Bouquet HERE!

I hope you enjoyed doing an upcycle project with us.  I love that this is so simple.  Use things that you have at home and you can just put out a little bit of money for the paint which is about $6 dollars. It is amazing that a simple can of paint can transform an upcycle project into something so memorable. Happy Valentine’s Day! Luv Ya!

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