Valentine Treat that’s Salty and Sweet

Valentine Treat that’s Salty and Sweet

Your Valentine will love this Salty Sweet Treat

I love Valentine’s Day and giving sweet treats to my BFF’s.  A Salty Sweet that is a Super Treat! I made these before at Christmas with red and green M&M’s and now I’m using pink, red and white M&M’s.

They are perfect treat to give on Valentine’s Day in a pretty little treat bag.

Valentine's Day pretzel cookie by kindredlive1

I don’t know why I like salt with chocolate but it is super good. Pretzels & chocolate are so good together because there is just enough salt & sweet together in this bite sized treat recipe.  I can’t wait to make some more; check back at other holidays for more fun ways to make this recipe. For one thing, I think adding caramel might just make this an even more delish recipe!Happy Valentine's Day M&M's at kindredlive

just Three simply Ingredients

Mini Pretzels

Your favorite Melting Chocolate – we used Nestle Toll House Semi-Sweet Chocolate in our recipe

M&M Chocolate Candies – Red, Pink and White

Valentines Day Treat at Kindredlive

Now for the good stuff!

Valentine's Day Treat at kindredlive


First, I like to gather the tools I’ll be using before I actually start cooking.  That way your treat recipe process won’t be interrupted.  Here are the tools I used.

Double Boiler, Cookie Sheet, Waxed or Parchment Paper or Foil, Bowls, Baggies or Pastry Bag (the thick freezer baggies work best because the chocolate is warm)

SAFETY FIRST:  A double boiler is necessary in order to melt the chocolate and you should always ask your parents for help if you are going to use the stove or oven.  Be careful because the chocolate is kind of hot but it does cool fast.


Pour the M&M’s & Pretzels into bowls to have them easy to grab.

Line the cookie sheet with waxed or parchment paper or foil.

Lay flat as many mini pretzels on the cookie sheet as you can.

Christmas Cookie Treat Recipe

Now you are ready to melt the chocolate. Fill the bottom of your double boiler with water.  Then, pour your melting chocolate into the top part of the double boiler. Turn on the burner.  This will heat the water and at the same time it will melt the chocolate. You can use a regular pan but be very careful not to burn the chocolate.

Melting chocolate for a christmas cookie recipe

 Stir the chocolate to help it melt evenly.

Christmas Cookie Treat Recipe

Have a parent help you to put chocolate into a pastry bag or baggie because it is hot.   Then, cut a very small corner off of the bag.  Make it super small at first because you can easily cut more off.  I used a paper towel around the baggie when the chocolate still a little hot for my hands.

KL Cooking Tip: Place a large Mug on the counter and inside the mug place the plastic baggie.  Fold the open edge of the baggie around the mug.  It creates a great stable place for the baggie to be filled.

Squeeze a dollop of chocolate onto each pretzel. You don’t have to go very fast because it will not harden very quickly.

Valentine's Day pretzel cookie by kindredlive2

Place two M&M’s onto the dollop of chocolate.

Valentine's Day pretzel cookie by kindredlive

VERY IMPORTANT: Place the cookie sheet in the refrigerator to cool & harden the chocolate. Really, five – 10 minutes will do.

Now you are ready to share & enjoy your super easy, super delish salty & sweet treat recipe!

What would you do to make this recipe different?

This recipe is super great because you can easily change out the colors of the M&M’s for any holiday or event.  For instance, you can bag these little treats for Halloween and use orange and black M&M’s.  Or, make them for your friends at school and use school colors.  There are so many different ideas that can come of this little three ingredient recipe. Make some and share your ideas with us!

I’m off to Youth Group now to share these Valentine’s Day Salty & Sweet Treats that are easy to make and fun to EAT!

 Valentine's Day Heart Pretzel cookie by kindredlive

Send us your cookie & treat recipes and we’ll try to make them and showcase your recipe on KindredLive!

We hope you have a wonderful day Valentine!

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