Xbox Birthday Cake For My Brother’s XBox Live Marathon Party

Xbox Birthday Cake For My Brother’s XBox Live Marathon Party

Xbox Birthday Cake and How It Came To Be

About six years ago my brother started making my birthday cakes each year (check out some of his designs near the bottom of this post).  I am always so excited to find out what type of cake he has made me and I wanted him to experience the same excitement.   My brother’s birthday is coming up next month and that thought brings memories of the XBox Birthday Cake I made for his last birthday.  It was so much fun to surprise my brother!  He absolutely loved it and was super happy to show his friends who were over for an XBox Live Birthday Party Marathon!xbox-birthday-cake-for-my-brothers-xbox-live-marathon-party

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Xbox Birthday Cake Process

So, before you look at the photos please remember that this was my first attempt at making a birthday cake all on my own and also that I was only 11 years old then too.  I designed and created it from scratch.  And, the photos are not the best. Heck, it was before we even started www.KindredLive.com so we weren’t planning the photo shots very well!

Here we go….basically I started with a home made cake mix and made two 8×13 sheets.  You could easily use two boxes of premade cake mix in the flavor of your choice.  Then, I put my homemade buttercream frosting in between the two and stacked them. Make or buy extra frosting because this is a large cake! Or, it would be even better to use a pudding filling in between the layers. Yum!

KL Frosting Tip:  Freeze the layers so that when you put your “crumb coat” of frosting on it goes on without pulling up the cake.  The crumb coat is the first layer of frosting before the final coat.



I even made the Fondant from scratch (and alot of it) and it worked great. To make it easier you could purchase a premade Fondant.  Homemade was a bit softer than premade and I used alot of powdered sugar. When I made his cake this year I will use premade Fondant because it is more firm than homemade.

Can you tell, food coloring was my friend and yes, it did wash off! I made the Controlller and a DVD (he received Call of Duty for his Birthday) out of Fondantxbox-birthday-cake-for-my-brothers-xbox-live-marathon-party

This is a sample box of premade Fondant and it works super great! You still need a bit of powdered sugar but not as much as I needed for the home made Fondant.


First, I covered a cookie sheet with foil to have a stable place to display the cake.  And, after frosting the cake, I placed the Controller and DVD on it. Use a brush to gently brush off the excess powdered sugar.  Again, the premade Fondant would probably work better than home made as it doesn’t require as much powdered sugar and is more dense.  I chose to use edible gel pens for the colors on the controller.  If I made this again I would use colored Jelly Belly’s because they would look much better.


Here is the Final Xbox Birthday Cake Design. Again, use Jelly Belly candies for the controller pieces and it won’t look so sloppy! I couldn’t brush off all of the powdered sugar because of the gel I used to write on it.


Check out some of the birthday cakes my brother made for me

They are not in order and we are missing a photo of the best cake he ever made me!   It was a Volcano cake and it was super cool! This is my Art Birthday cake and he used a large Snickerdoodle cookie for the paint drop holder (see the Jelly Belly’s on the cookie).  Yep – this was a great cake!


Well, you all know I am on a swim team and this is my swimming pool birthday cake complete with lane lines.


Last year my brother designed my cake by one he saw on Pintrist.  Kit Kat bars are my favorite candy bar and I love M&M’s.  Because I am allergic to nuts I don’t get to have many candy bars but these work for me and so do M&M candies!  Chris told me that if he made this again he would buy the short KitKat bars because they would have fit with the cake better.  See my Flip Flop candles!  Love it!


I love my brother!  Even though we don’t always get along I know that I have a pretty cool brother!


Do you have any great ideas for a 15 year old’s birthday cake?  Now that I’ve done the xbox birthday cake I need to come up with another design for my brother’s birthday cake.


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